Thursday, 8 July 2010

Globe & Mail Writer Eats His Way Across Canada, Eats Wings in North Bay

Writer Ian Brown is on a mission: he's trying food, all sorts of food across Canada. Anything. Everything. Traveling in a rented Impala named "Betty", he's documenting his trip in the segment called "Ian Brown Eats Canada." I'll let him explain.

What caught my attention to this story, was a segment this week "Chicken wings - 102 flavours - and a waitress named Jasmine" where he went to Moose's Cookhouse in North Bay, where wings are king and there are 101 flavours to choose from.

This place reminds me a LOT of Moose Winooski's, one of my favourite wing places ever, except with waaaaay more wing sauces, like Wild Wings.

Ian seems to get a real chicken wing education.
To the uninitiated, wing spectacles can be overwhelming: "You can get a Hub Cap of 30 wings and a jug of domestic beer for $34.99, an idea I associate more or less with the fall of Rome, but I realize I'm more or less alone on that one." He also learns about the cost of wings and supply and demand. He didn't seem to fully embrace the zen of the wings, but the man is eating out a LOT.

Suffice it to say, if I'm ever up in North Bay, I'm going to Moose's.


Josh said...

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Chris said...

I hub cap of wings, that is priceless!

Well, I guess not, guess it is $34.99 but you know what I meant.

indianguy said...

Yes? Hi!

I did the reading of the article and it was the superdumbness for the Glob and Mail.

Lord of the Wings said...

Chris - I'd love a hubcap of wings. I just hope its clean

indianguy - Not enough wing love if I say so myself.

Anonymous said...

Thunder Bay and North Bay are different places.

Lord of the Wings said...

Anonymous - D'oh! Thanks for catching that. I had a friend talking about Thunder Bay recently and had it on the brain. They are very different places. Thanks!

Teena in Toronto said...

Let's go!