Wednesday, 28 July 2010

How Do You Like Your Ribs Sauced? POLL

With London's Ribfest 2010 starting today, I'm looking at ribs for the polls today. Here's my question to you, how do you like your ribs sauced?

Some people like saucy and sticky, some like it on the side. Some don't want it at all. What do YOU like? Fill in the poll, and in the comment section feel free to add why, and while your at it, what is your favourite kind of rib sauce? Do you like it sweet? Savoury? Texas Mop or Carolina or White Sauce?


Ricky P. said...

To me it kinda depends on how they're cooked...

I think the usual ribs they have at Ribfests, are pretty plain on their own, so then a lot of sauce is nice...and it's kinda fun making a mess of yourself with bbq sauce in public!

But, like we did at our Backyard Ribfest last year (and are doing this year) - where we make the effort to put on a flavourful rub and slow smoke them... then a lot of sauce could mask the flavour of the smoke...but a little sauce, matched to the rub, carefully applied and caramelized will enhance the flavour.

Oh I can't wait for the weekend...get your rump roast down here Wing King!

Chris said...

I like just a little sauce cooked on in the last 30 minutes of cooking. My family prefers a sweet tomato based sauce but I like a bit of spicy with mine.

I just bought a jar of Mad Dog BBQ sauce from the same people that I got that habanero sauce from. Can't wait to try it.