Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Buffalo Wings: The Book

What happens when you combine my love of literature with my love of Buffalo Wings? You get the book "Buffalo Wings" by Aaron Reynolds and illustrated by Paulette Bogan.

It's a simple story: It's the day of the big football game at Farmer Nuthatcher's farm, and everyone has their food ready except the rooster. What could he make? Buffalo Wings. He had the sauce, but he didn't have . . . and wings from a buffalo. So off he goes in search on an adventure for the perfect appetizer.

It's a cute kids book with great pictures and a very simple story to follow. I'm sure when I have kids one day I will read them this book.

The book is a little disturbing though when you break it down. No it's not the joke about the duck's making quackamole. I mean, here is a rooster, out to take the wings off of a buffalo to cook (all are semi-anthropomorphized), but he's shocked to find out what Buffalo Wings are really made of.

The most disturbing fact is the book has a recipe for Buffalo Wings (great!), that aren't really Buffalo Wings (boo!). You'll have to get the book for yourself to read it (I got this at the Ottawa Public Library) but Buffalo Wings do not have ketchup or flour. Yes these are for kids, but we wouldn't want our kids learning that 5+5=9 either, because its wrong.

None the less, a fun little read and great chicken wing awareness overall. Maybe one day I'll write a chicken wing kids book one day too!


Chris said...

You should write a letter to the editor and protest the library (ha ha).

This story actually cracks me up, even the ketchup based hot wings.

pastor dave said...

This is awesome! I can't wait to get my hands on the book. I love your blog, it's great. I will be using this book on my own blog. I will be certain to send folks to where I found it first. Thanks for your blog.


Lord of the Wings said...

Chris - Its a fun little book. Actually big book, the pages are huge!

Lord of the Wings said...

Pastor Dave - Thanks for coming by and enjoying the blog. The book is a good read too! I'm checking off to check out your wing blog and good luck with it.