Saturday, 20 March 2010

Metro Pizza & Wings Spring Weekend Deal

Going through some grocery flyer today, we came across Metro's "must have deal" on the front page. We decided to grab it for lunch today. I have to apologize up front, I don't have my camera right now, so no photos. I know, its a violation of my personal rules on reviews.

Now it's a grocery store, so I'm not expecting much. But LJ and I glazed over a few small print details that we didn't notice until we got to the store. The pizza is "Take & Bake" aka its not cooked or hot. The wings are "heat & server" which means they were cooked, then frozen/cold stored before being displayed.

We still decided to get it anyway. I mean, wings alone are close to the cost of the whole deal. There were only 2 pizza's to choose from: pepperoni and cheese. We went for pepperoni. The wings all said Buffalo on the receipt sticker, but then there was a separate sticker for either honey garlic (yuuucckk), mild bbq and sweet and spicy. We went with sweet and spicy.

I cranked the oven to 475 degrees and popped the wings in. The wings are breaded, but covered in a sweet/sticky sauce that most wing places call Thai. After 10 minutes and some of the sauce turning black, I added the pizza into the oven. Ten minutes after that it was lunch.

The pizza was, well, crappy but edible. The crust is card board. The sauce is light and in the background. The cheese was very stringy and the pepperoni was thin but meaty.The Sweet & Spicy wings were actually pretty good. The sauce was, well, sweet and spicy. A little bite to a lot of sweet sauce. They were not crispy at all. But damn were they meaty wings.

I'm going to have to do a proper review of Metro wings at some point, but if you have a Metro near you and are looking for a bite to eat, this isn't great. I mean knowing what I know now would I get it again? Ya, for $10 I probably would, but the pizza is only barely decent. The wings are not bad for grocery store wings. Meh is a pretty good description of today's lunch.


Teena in Toronto said...

The Metro in our 'hood has pizza and wings too. The pizza used to be good but I found it's gone downhill the last couple of years.

I've bought the wings and they weren't great :(

Lord of the Wings said...

Teena - So no one wins. Dang.