Friday, 4 September 2009

Taste T.O. does Chicken Wing Tastings

I like Taste T.O. - a blog about all things food in the Provincial Capital. They have lots of great info, up to date buzz, and well food. Plus, they have mentioned Lord of the Wings on many occasions.

Well not only do they have a new look, but this week they did an article on chicken wings in the city "When The Wing’s The Thing" by Porsha Perreault.

There are several interesting tid-bits about the article:

  • Porsha is not a "true-winger" - so the POV is someone who casually enjoys wings. How do I know this? Because she said this "I began questioning the intelligence of this experiment; after all, woman cannot live on wings alone." But I love that she did this. But she also went with wimpy medium, so I again question her expertise (just joking). Actually, I respect her final conclusions: "everything written here must be taken with a grain of salt because opinions on wings are varied, prolific and personal."
  • I liked that most of the restaurants are not big name places and there are no chains. Most of the places (if I have heard of them) are not the 'biggies' in terms of wings in the city, but they sound intersting enough to try the next time I go back to TO.
  • I have reviewed two of her choices: The Wheat Sheaf, & Allens.
  • I want wings from Toronto again.


dlb said...

Come back, Wing King, come back! :)
Have a fun Labour Day weekend...

Teena in Toronto said...

The Wheat Sheaf's wings do rock!

indianguy said...

Yes? Hi!

The new famous spot is the Crown and the Dragon.

They make the best but not the Parmageddon.

Lord of the Wings said...

DLB - One day!

Teena - they do. I have fond memories.

indianguy - yes, Crown & Dragon is good, I actually reviewed them a while back BEFORE they got big

You need to tell me more about the Parmageddon

indianguy said...

Yes? Hi! You can make the reading of the story of the Parmageddon here:

We are doing the guitar hero 5 and Vashi will start yelling if it on the pause to long.

Porsha said...

You should totally check out Squirley's (since you've already been to Allen's)

They were definitely worthwhile :)

Lord of the Wings said...

indianguy - where do you make the Parmageddon? They sound wonderfully spicy!

Porsha - Squirley's eh? Sounds interesting. What kind of wings do you get when your there?

indianguy said...

Yes? Hi! Vashi has to make in the back room at the New India Pub!

We are having the special for the TITTS. If you bring in the ticket nubs and say "SHOW ME YOUR TIFFS" you get the 20% off. But nor for the Parmageddon.

Lord of the Wings said...

Indianguy - where is New India Pub - I can't find any info on it