Tuesday, 27 June 2006

The Wheat Sheaf

One of the great things about the summer is that I am not on my cafeteria meal plan, and I am freaking busy in production of a film; both of which gives me the excuse to go out to eat more often and try/review more chicken wing joints. "But Wing King" you might ask, "Aren't you sick of eating chicken wings?". To which I might reply, "while I don't want wings everynight of the week, there is a reason I have been referred to as the Wing King."

Its Monday, I have a metro-pass for the day and a hankering for the Wheat Sheaf. Toted as the oldest Pub in Toronto, the Wheat Sheaf today is a popular drinking hole, not with the young university crowd but with your average joe, yuppies, and wing lovers like me.

The Sheaf is an interesting place. The first few times I went here, the service was not friendly (despite my hearing the opposite) and the crowd was unusually Caucasian for Toronto, which isn't a problem, just unusual. As for the service, I determined that regulars get great service, it just takes a bit of time to warm up to strangers.

On this Monday noon-hour, I had no such service problems. My very friendly waitress Betty reminded me of going over to a buddy's house and their mom looking after me. I decided to sit on the patio because it was wonderful outside, as well it is less awkward taking photos (no flash) by one's self.

I knew that Sunday-Tuesday is wing night after 5 but I hoped it might be extended earlier today, as I have been given the discount earlier. I tried with Betty, but no deal for me. No deal, except some beautiful wing that I got to eat.


SIZE of WINGS: large 'jumbo roasters'
HEAT: 4/10 for hot, 6/10 for suicide
WET NAP FACTOR: 2/5 before suicide, 4/5 with suicide
PRICE: $9.95 for 10 wings, $15.95 for 20 wings, $21.95 for 30 wings, $31.95 for 50 wings


SAUCE CHOICE: mild/medium/hot/suicide/honey garlic/bbq
SIDES: veggies and blue cheese dip
WING NIGHT: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday 1/2 price after 5pm - yes 3 nights!!!
OTHER: patio

These are a great version of a classic buffalo wing. Simply deep fried then hot sauce added later. Sheaf wings taste good without even the sauce on them. Crisp skin with white juicy chicken on the inside - mmmmmmm! This is why I became a wing enthusiast.

The hot sauce had no bite at all, but a good flavour. And the Sheaf understands suicide: while it wasn't nearly as hot as I require, it was the same taste as hot, only hotter. Not just hot with a crappy taste.

The wings were not very wet to begin with (a small pool of sauce at the bottom of the basket) but it certainly did stain the fingers! I wish there was more than 1 wetnap given because of this. When I added the suicide from the side, I certainly needed more napkins and wetnaps.

My real criticism is the price. A small order of wings and a Sprite came to $14. Wow. These wings are good, but I won't be back till Sunday Monday or Tuesday after 5pm.

The Wheat Sheaf
667 King Street West


Anonymous said...

damn..those wings look very tastey!!


Anonymous said...

I think Mr. Ottawa is tasty!

Macaroni said...

I think Mr. Ottawa can suck my large nuts!