Friday, 4 September 2009

Labour Day Weekend Wings 2009

Last year I was on my own for Labour Day and I filled it with wings.

Looks like 2009 will be the same. And I'm excited.

In short, I have a few plans:

  • Some Urban Exploration of Ottawa
  • Chicken Wing Review of some pub-like establishment
  • Creating a sriracha sauce (inspired by this guy)
  • Making a Buffalo-Chicken Poutine (inspired by her)
  • Another (more authentic) attempt at General Tao wings (after this fake one)
  • Major apartment clean-up
  • A WKTV episode

I don't know if I will get to do it all. Or any of it. But I'm excited to try anyway.

Have a great long weekend and remember those who struggled for our working freedoms.


Chris said...

Working freedoms? I thought this weekend was about child birthing :)

Have a great holiday weekend LOTW!

Teena in Toronto said...

Sounds action-packed!