Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Coca-Cola Chicken Wings

As you may or may not know yet, Dude is back from China. And two weeks ago he stayed with us for week. We went on some adventures, ate some wings, ate some more wings and well, ate more wings. On the last wing eating, we made wings. And not just any wings, Coke Wings. I have to apologize, because this was 2 weeks ago now. I'm a little behind in my posting.

First off, I'm a Coke man. As is Dude, as is most of my group of friends from high school. My family, actually most people I know. That is not to say I won't drink Pepsi, or RC or some other brand. I'm not so much of a snob that I can't enjoy another cola, but Coca-Cola is my favourite. Knowing this, and being a Coke man himself, Dude on one of his last days in The People's Republic enjoyed a recipe for wings that he knew I would enjoy. And boy is it easy.



  • chicken wings, split (or not it's up to you), cleaned.
  • 1 litre of Coca-Cola Classic (you could substitute Diet, Zero or some other cola, but it won't be the same).
  • Salt & Pepper.

  1. Season wings.
  2. In a pot/wok on very high heat, brown wings (about 5 mins)
  3. Add in Coke until wings are covered (amount will vary on pot/wok and/or amount of wings).
  4. Bring to a boil, stirring frequently, for about 30-40 minutes until Coke become syrupy and wings are dark in colour.
  5. Plate wings and pour thick-syrup leftover all over wings, serve and enjoy!

Dude watched the chef cook the wings right in front of him. And it is so simple. Brown wings, season wings, boil wings.

Pouring in the Coke. We used about 12 wings and not even a full litre of Coke. Dude tried making this recipe just before coming to Ottawa but it didn't work - we think it was because he didn't have the heat on high enough to transform the liquid Coke into more of a syrup.

I kept the heat on high and the wings stirred constantly.

Ok, I know, the above photo does not look appetizing. In general, boiled wings don't sound appetizing, but I was willing to stick things through and see how it turned out.

Wings are cooked and served up. The Coke had turned into a dark syrup, which you can barely see in the above photo hidden at the bottom. I should have let them go just a bit longer (Dude said the wings were much darker at the restaurant he first had them).

Of course the wings were not going to be crispy. They were 'fall off the bone' in that they just fell apart in your hands. The meat was very tender.

The flavour was actually not very Coke-like. If it was a blind taste test, I would have guessed teriyaki sauce. But for the amount of Coke it boiled in, it was very surprising. It was sweet, but not terribly so.

Dude and I dug in. LJ tried a little bit, but this was not for her. We scarfed these wings down as well as some Buffalo wings and poutine. It was a good contrast in flavours, the sweet vs the savoury.

What Would I Do Differently Next Time? The first thing I would do is cook it a little longer to get an even thicker syrup. But I got impatient and hungry and, well, it was go time. Also, I had looked at a few similar recipes and they added things like garlic and ginger. I think there was something lacking and a few more spices and ingredients would really jazz this up.

Coca-Cola wings, what will they think of next? Cherry Coke Wings? Hey, that's not a bad idea . . .


Ricky said...

Mmmm... nothing like High Fructose Corn Syrup (GlucoseFructose) on wings...

Perhaps you could reduce the coke down to a syrup separately and use it as a glaze to the wok fried wings...that way you'll get the crisp with the sweet.

However, I think lot of coke's flavour comes from it's fizz and the CO2 carrying the smell into your nose... flat coke isn't very tasty...just sweet water almost. So when you boil it down, you end up with mildly flavoured corn syrup...not too tasty on it's own.. just some thoughts...

The Acidic properties of coke perhaps make it great for a marinade (it's said that a steak left in coke for a few days will completely dissolve).

Chris said...

I've done coca cola chicken before and some root beer chicken, but never wings. I think Ricky might be on to something with the coke reduction being made separately.

Looks like a fun "lab experiment" in the chicken :) Sure they always don't come out great, but I always learn something!

Teena in Toronto said...

Hmmm ... I like a crispier wing but I may give this a chance.

Lord of the Wings said...

Ricky - Ya it definetely needs some tweaking but this was the common method I viewed in other recipes. But if I was going to personalize it, I would marinate the wings, dry stir fry, then toss in the glaze like you suggested.

Chris - Wing experiements are never terrible!

Teena - I like crispier too ;)

Teena in Toronto said...

Gord's making 'em right now :)