Thursday, 13 August 2009

Pringles Bold Crunch Buffalo Wing Style

More chicken wing flavoured chips. This time, Pringles is trying their hand at a Buffalo wing flavour in their 'Select' brand.

'Select' is not the thin-pressed potato product one is normally used to when you hear 'Pringles.' No 'Select' are smaller diameter wise, but thicker and have a lot more crunch. According to my research on the Internet, this flavour of 'Select' is only available in Canada, while in the US, they have Buffalo style in the standard Pringle chip. However, the States also have many more flavours of 'Select'. I don't know who chooses what flavours each nation gets, but I don't see why we can't all try the same.

It's a tiny little bag (200g) but it has a big price tag (about $2.99, but we got it on sale).

Their marketing is spot on: "When it comes to wings, you know your favorite spot, the best sauce and the right hotness." That's right, I do. Something tells me your not going to be able to recreate that . . . but that's probably just my experience talking.

2009 CHIP SCORE 1.0: Pringles Select Bold Crunch Buffalo Wing Style


Dried potato molded, not cut potato.


Approx. $2.99.




Smaller than your average chip, about the size of a toonie.


Very crunchy.


Vinegary mild hot sauce.


Not bad, but I wouldn’t guess wings in a blind taste test.

I open the bag and poke my nose in to smell: the overwhelming aroma of vinegar hits me. I dump the bag out and look at the chips: their colour is tan? Light light brown? My favourite wings are red in colour, from the cayenne sauce.

The chips are about the size of a toonie, if you stretched it out into an oval shape. You can easily pop several in your mouth. And they have a hearty crunch.

FINAL VERDICT: The flavour of Buffalo wings is pretty much lost. The taste of vinegar with a stingy salty flavour never conveys the butter and cayenne that a Buffalo sauce should. They are more tart than spicy. In a blind taste test, I would never guess chicken wing, let alone Buffalo wing. And at $3 bucks for a tiny bag, forget it. They aren't a bad tasting 'chip', but Buffalo they ain't.

Pringles Bold Crunch Buffalo Wing Style


Teena in Toronto said...

I've never tried a buffalo wing chip before ... I figured they would suck.

Chris said...

NAFTA has very detailed regulations on the transport of alternatively flavored potato crisps. ;)

Lord of the Wings said...

Teena - well, these are not the wing chips to start with for sure!

Chris - LOL oh NAFTA.

mahendar cherry said...
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