Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Defcon Wing-Eating Deathmatch @ Weekend of Fire

On August 1 & 2nd in Fairfield Ohio, a wonderous event happened: The Jungle Jim's Weekend of Fire festival. And at that event was the "Death Match Hot Wing Competition." Contestants are served DEFCON sauced wings and the winner, well I guess is the last man standing, more or less:

2009 Defcon National Championship Wing-Eating Deathmatch from John Dilley on Vimeo.

Here's some points of mine from the video.

  • I love watching this. The challenge. The pain.
  • I love when the video concentrates on the guys who can't take the pain. There is a look of disbelief on their face: the eyes are wide, the mouth ajar. In their minds they are thinking "What the hell have I done?"
  • You can tell who knows what they are doing: the guys with big pitchers or drinks can't handle the heat, while the 'pros' don't drink anything. Also the kid at the end eating ice cream for his mouth
  • The guy who is so hot he has snot running out of his nose, then he licks the snot . . . not needed.
  • I really wish I could have been part of this. Although I think the gloves are a cop out.
  • I really want to try DEFCON sauces, I've heard good things.

Thanks to Chris @ for sending me the link to hotsaucedaily who in tern were posting this video.

PS: this is my 400th post, believe it or not


MindGrinder said...

I won the first one in Toronto. I will never forget the pain. It was amazing!

You should do one in Ottawa!

Lord of the Wings said...

MindGrinder - that is why you rock. As for one in Ottawa, that's not a bad idea . . . what do I need to do to start one?

MindGrinder said...

LoW - well you could get some Defcon MMKII and mix up a batch of your own at your favourite pub. Our perhaps contact The Creator for some advice on setting one up. He may not be able to attend but I am sure he can be of some assistance.

Teena in Toronto said...

Count me out ... be fun to be there and watch, though.