Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Bud Light Lime

I'm not a beer drinker. Alcohol in general. I'm not against it, I'm just not into it. I know, weird to love wings and not beer. But I'm crazy like that.

So it was a bit of a surprise when I got this e-mail back in May:

"Hi Wing King,

My name’s (name removed, let's call her HER #1), and I work at Edelman Public Relations. I know that Lord of the Wings focuses on the wonderfulness of BBQ, but since beer and barbequing go so well together, I wondered if you’d be interested in receiving a sample of Bud Light Lime, which will be available in Canada starting May 25th.

Previously only available in the US, my client Labatt recently announced that Bud Light Lime will now hit Canadian shelves – thanks to a couple thousand Facebook fans who petitioned for its release north of the border. Bud Light Lime is a premium light beer, which combines the easy drinking taste of Bud Light with a splash of 100 per cent natural lime flavour.

Please let me know if you’re interested, and I’ll arrange to have samples of Bud Light Lime sent to you. If you don't respond to this email, please note that I will respect your privacy and not contact you again.


HER #1"

I get e-mails from companies all the time wanting me to sample products, and frequently they are bots, or someone who has never read the website. So far most have never sent me anything they said they would. When HER #1 wrote in, I had some skepticism about the authenticity. I mean, she called me Wing King, which was correct and not just bot info; but then she mentions that the blog "focuses on the wonderfulness of BBQ." I actually focus on wings, but yes, there is some BBQ grilling in there too. Ultimately, I was just happy to get an e-mail for a freebie that might come true. I don't drink beer, but heck, I'll sample it for free.

I e-mailed HER #1 back to go over a few legal things (ie if the sample is for reviewing, if I review I am not obligated to give a positive review etc etc.). She e-mailed me back, and then I e-mailed her to give her my address. This happened within a day. Then I got an e-mail back the next day stating that HER#1 was no longer with Edelman Public Relations. Wow, that was quick. Her 'out-of-office' reply gave me the info on who to contact, and shortly, HER #2 sent me a coupon for free beer.

That was June, and very shortly I received a coupon in the mail. Awesome, the deal came through for 6 bottles of Bud Light Lime. And I had that coupon until mid August. Why? Because Bud Light Lime was soo freaking popular in Ottawa that it was constantly sold out at The Beer Store and the LCBO (the only two places to buy alcohol in Ontario). I found out it was nearly impossible to get across the province (except at pubs and bars) at one point. It was outrageously popular. Thanks Facebook. Here I was hoping to do a review and ride the wave of its debut for summer, but no deal.

Now it is late August, and when I walked into an LCBO, I looked on the shelves (no bottles) and after just about leaving the store, decided to ask a clerk if they had any. The employee said that there might be some in the back, otherwise, sold out. He went, and there was a case with several six pack bottles, and I took my one, gave over the coupon, and left content I could FINALLY do the review.

Each bottle is 330ml, which is less than a can of pop, or cans of BL Lime. Despite my photo above, the colour is more light brown than green. It's 4.2% ABV with 116 calories. Very technical. What does that mean?

Bud is an American-style lager beer: "a common variety of beer, a type of pale lager, traditionally made and consumed in North America. It derives ultimately from the Czech Pilsner, but is characterized by a much lighter color and body and the frequent use of rice or corn as adjuncts . . . The style is categorized by a light-gold or straw color, moderate alcohol content (4-6% abv), and muted to nonexistent hop character (carried to an extreme in dry beer). Malt flavor is generally rather light, with a very light-bodied mouth feel. Due to their extremely light body and flavor, combined with a distinct lack of character, modern American-style lagers are sometimes criticized as being bland or watery and yet due to sales figures is an obviously popular style for most in North America and abroad." (from Wikipedia, italics and colour added by WK)

I love that last comment.

My expectations for this drink were mixed. I believed if I was going to enjoy a beer, it would probably be this one. I thought it would be limey, like a 7-Up, with a beer kick.

What I actually got was a cold, fizzy light beer, with next to no lime flavour and no beer kick. Now I didn't taste the lime, because I expect a bold lime flavour like a soft drink. LJ, who does drink beer and was sampling with me, did taste the lime. She liked it, but it wasn't amazing.

FINAL VERDICT: Meh. Once again, I don't drink beer. I've heard this described as 'the beer for those that don't like beer' or people call it a girlie beer. As for me, I found it pretty bland, I didn't really taste lime, but it didn't have the strong alcohol kick I normally dislike in spirited beverages. I am not the consumer to really to review this, but I appreciate the freebie and the sentiment. Thanks!

Bud Light Lime


Chris said...

Use the rest for cooking then! Beer battered onion rings would be good.

I'm not a big Bud Light fan and lime is for Corona or Dos Equix.

dlb said...

I love beer, and I've never tried BLL, but I've got to be honest - why not just add lime to a lighter beer and be done with it?
I guess I just don't understand the appeal. Plus I hate Bud Light. :)

Teena in Toronto said...

Cool that you got free beer to try. Gord would be jealous!

I can't imagine a beer with a touch of lime. But I must say, though, that when I have the occasional Corona, I do have a lime in it and enjoy it.

Lord of the Wings said...

Chris - good idea, onion rings may be in order!

DLB - I hear ya

Teena - I tried to imagine it, but I imagined wrong

Curtis Chorizali said...

this beer is disgusting. you're brave for even trying it.

i love beer - and thats exactly the reason i will never touch this.

keep up the good work brother!