Tuesday, 19 June 2007

WK Butter Wings v2.0 - RECIPE

Yaaaaaaar, there be good wings ahoy!

I love having fresh chicken wings on hand. I also love having a chicken wing deep fryer. Now I have the power to make restaurant quality chicken wings in the comfort of my own home. Actually, I can make wings even better, and this one day (maybe about a week or so ago) I knew I was going to have a great wing meal.



  • jumbo chicken wings, split (approx 10)
  • flour
  • oil
  • Frank's Red Hot Sauce
  • red pepper flakes
  • butter


  1. wash wings, pat dry
  2. toss wings in flour, shake well to remove excess flour
  3. heat deep fryer to maximum - place wings in when heat ready
  4. in a bowl, melt butter (1/3 part to 2/3's hot sauce); when melted add hot sauce and pepper flakes (to desired heat)
  5. When wings are golden and crispy, remove from fryer and pat excess oil with paper towel
  6. toss in hot sauce and enjoy!

Dusted wings from flour - note it is just dusted, not caked on

butter, Frank's and chili flakes for heat - traditional Buffalo style sauce

Patting the wings dry. Look how crispy and golden they turned out.

Toss in the sauce and enjoy these classic Buffalo Style wings.

There are multiple talking points when discussing wings and the quality of the cooking process. The first thing to talk about is the physical wing itself. Jumbo roasting wings (that wasn't the actual title at No Frill's grocery, but it fits).

I would like to point out that I'm not a big fan of the meats and poultry at No Frill's normally, but I have yet to be disappointed with their fresh wings from the butcher section. Big and meaty, and I paid a little more to have them separated (still cheaper than buying in the package in the produce section, and waaay cheaper than frozen wings) but I didn't have to worry about the mess and fuss of cutting the wings.

The dusting of flour made for such a simple crunch, and the wings came out a perfect golden colour. In version 1.0, I used a bit of flour and cornmeal which gave it a big crunch, but v 2.0 is much more authentic and enjoyable.

The sauce of the wings was very simple and my over-all favourite. Butter, Frank's - its a classic. My only criticism of this traditional Buffalo wing sauce is the real lack of heat. I tried to kick it up a notch by adding red pepper flakes - this has the effect of raising the heat levels without altering the flavour of the sauce, the source of most suicide sauce failures. However, while this did up the Scoville unit heat of the wing, overall it still wasn't that hot. Tasty as hell, but not very spicy hot.

I felt I needed something remotely healthy on the side, so I had some classic carrot sticks on the side with dip and some French bread loaf. The dip is ranch. Nothing special. In fact, I felt the whole sides took away from the enjoyment of the wings. Stupid vegetables.

So what can I say, the wings turned out close to perfect. A little bit more heat and I would have been in Nirvana.

Avast, there!
Shiver me timbers!
These wings are like poultry gold!
Gold! Arrrrrrrrrrr!*

*note - there is no pirate related material here. The day I made the wings I had a shaving accident with my nose-neighbour, and well, the eye patch sort of off-set the strange new look.

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