Tuesday, 5 June 2007


TGIF! After a long week of relaxing, getting back into the groove and other stuff, I ended up tagging along with Julianna and Jane for an evening of dinner and a movie. After some indecisiveness, we planned on going to The Bishop and The Belcher, but after walking up one end of Queen street and back, it was clear the pub was gone!!! What happened? It moved up to Bloor! (I found this out later) . Wanting to waste no time, Julianna pointed to a massive patio, and a new plan was hatched. The Black Bull was our new destination.

We had to wait a while for a table, then a server, and a homeless guy harassing people at tables, but once we got food, it was all good. Kudos for the above photo to Julianna, who got a picture of Jane for the blog - Jane opposes the wing blog and all things wing. All things poultry in fact. Its sad really.

The two ladies split a delicious looking platter (fries, mozza sticks, perogies, and something else) and a Western sandwich (what a great choice!) while I ordered onion rings and wings.


STYLE: Buffalo style
SAUCES: mild/medium/hot/suicide/honey garlic
SIZE: 0.5 /2
HEAT: 5 /10
PRICE: $8.99 for 1lb, $16.99 for 2lb
SIDES: 2 /7

TOTAL: 19.5/35

These were good, traditional pub wings. Nothing special to report. I got suicide on the side, which was a good thing because it was vinegar heavy and not really that hot. They were tasty, crispy, but there was nothing really special to report. Other than the company I had. The onion rings were big and crunchy, but were luke warm when they came out.

The Patio easily held over 100 people. There were only about 3 waitresses so service was really slow, but the average patron was in no hurry to leave. We talked and laughed into the night. So much so we missed the movie we had intended to go to. It was a good night and a good dinner.

FINAL SCORE: The Black Bull had decent pub grub, and the wings were good, but not great. If you want to sit on a big patio in downtown Toronto, this is the place to come to. Just don't expect a quick, hot or amazing meal. But great patio. 19.5/35

298 Queen West, Toronto


Anonymous said...

I went there today and the bartender made a racist comment to me. Needless to say I'm never going there again.

Lord of the Wing said...

I horrified to hear this. You should definetly complain to the manager - no one deserves that kin of treatment.