Sunday, 3 September 2006

Back to Fox and the Fiddle

After being in Zambia for several months working on Engineers Without Borders, Rick was back in Toronto and craving the wings. Well, he was craving burgers and wings, so we went HERE for burgers for lunch.

Supper on the other hand posed a problem. The desire was to go to Winghouse, but as we now know, its closed :(

So to find a similar style wing, with a little dusting, good sauce choice and not far to get to, I had to think back to where to go. Using this blog, I determined that the Fox and the Fiddle would be the best choice.

I don't need to do a full review, but we did try some different sauces out.

I ordered BBQ wings with a side of Peppercorn Bourbon and Buffalo Butter. Brad got Jerk wings and Rick went with hot with a side of BBQ.

I really enjoyed the BBQ wings, the sauce was sweet with a hint of smoke, but nothing overpowering. In fact, it was very close to Moose Winooski style of sauce. The Buffalo butter was decent. The Peppercorn Brady was absolutely disgusting. It was bitter, without any pleasurable qualities. Brad seemed to like it, but Rick agreed with me on the thumbs down.

Rick's hot wings also had a nice flavour to them, combined with the dusting made for a great wing. Above, you can see AJ enjoying her Nachos that had a salsa that packed a punch to the tastebuds.

So in the end, the wing craving was met. Yes, it wasn't Winghouse, but it was still a damn good wing. I was surprised to consider this one of the better wing places in the downtown, but they can do different styles and do them fairly well. The next time I come back though, the BBQ is at the top of my list!
Fox and the Fiddle 4/5 wings up!

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