Friday, 15 September 2006

Dominion & Third Degree

(Dominion grocery stores are NOW CLOSED and were absorbed into METRO)

Snack Attack!

Dr Wing says I need 50 cc's of chicken flappers STAT!

I was done class, had to pick up some supplies from the local Dominion grocery store. I was walking down the isles and came across the section of discounted unboughten food for the night. Peaking out from whole chickens and potato salad was this little gem:

I gave up on the snacks I was buying because I couldn't bare to see these babies go to waste. I got the rest of my supplies (to make a special dip - stay tuned for that) and I was off to home.
Now I've had the Dominion wings before and they are good. But I was thinking of kicking it up a notch for my late night snack. So I decided to do a proper review of my stand by sauce, 3rd Degree.

No French this time. 3rd Degree Sauce is, as loyal readers know, the new suicide at many restaurants. This liquid wing gold can't be bought at your local store: no one has to turn to my two connections: someone with a Cost-Co card or someone in the restaurant biz.

Its E.D. Smith of jam fame, and is toteted as a grill/marinate/cook/saute/dip sauce. Its made from tomato puree, corn syrup, vinegar hot peppers and a number of other ingredients. While in large doses this sauce can pack a wallop, but with hot peppers #7 on the ingredients list, you know its not the hottest out there.

I popped the wings into the toaster oven (I've also microwaved this type of wing before, which is good, but I wanted a crispier skin). When they came out I separated 3 of the flavour they come as, then doused the rest in hot sauce.

I've transferred my 3rd Degree Sauce into a squeeze bottle, which is same type of container I keep my oil in for cooking. The squeeze bottle give me greater control over sauce distribution.

The Dominion Wings:

These wings had a generic sweet spicy sauce, only heavily emphasize the sweet and forget the spicy. I like it, as an alternative to a real wing.

The Dominion Wings with 3rd Degree Sauce:
With the added bite of hot sauce, these wings were zingy. The sweet and the spice really came together well. The wings aren't big, but they are meaty. I could definitely could have kept them in the toaster oven longer to get a crispier skin.

So if your in a pinch, head on over to your Fresh Obsessed grocer and pick up a pack of seasoned wings. They come in larger sizes, but this snack pack was an end of the day special. And 3rd Degree is not the hottest, but its great piquant flavour and syrup consistency for this baked wing.

These poultry delights are wing first aid: if you have a real wing emergency, head to your local pub. That's my diagnosis. Or is it prognosis? Whatever, I'm not even a real doctor.

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Ricky said...

So after reading this post, I went off the the Canadian Superstore, which is basically Dominion on steroids, and picked me up a 20 pack of those wings....

They were tasty... I put some 3rd degree sauce on 10 of (the rest are still in the fridge)them as suggested and I was in flavour country. At about wing 8 the sweetness of the sauce started to get to me, and became a bit unappetizing. But never the less...still a tasty wing...thanks Wing Lord for the suggestion.