Saturday, 30 September 2006

Hurricane's Roadhouse - Windsor ON

NOTE: this review is well over a week old

On a recent much needed break from Rez, I took a short vacation to Windsor to visit LJ. Excited about being in Windsor on a Monday night (I know, how many people are excited to be in Windsor) because so many places there have Wing Nights on Monday. After sifting through possibly places to go to, LJ's recommendation of Hurricane's in Sandwich Town sounded like a great plan.

The place was packed. So much so that there was some hesitation and contemplation about staying here. But we were there, and with only about a 5-10 minute wait, we were sitting and I was ordering wings.

It was an interesting crowd: a mixture of students from Windsor U, a baseball team and middle aged locals. Looking around, they were all having wings. When LJ ordered chicken fingers, even the waitress said "you do know its wing night right?"

The menu presented a collection of sauce choices for my wings. I had to think about my wing choice (math confuses me) as it was 2-4-1 wings. I'm used to half price or all you can eat. So if I order 8 I get 16 right, but for the price of 8 wings? I hate math. So I ordered 16 wings and was rewarded with the bonus "do you want fries with each order, veggies and dip with each order, or one of each?" Well, not many places offer sides, especially on wing night, so half and half it was.


SIZE of WINGS: medium
HEAT: 6/10
PRICE: $7.95 for 8, $10.60 for 12, $17.85 for 22


SAUCE CHOICE: mild/medium/hot/furious/
gale force/honey garlic/Cajun/sticky hot
wedge fries or veggies and dip
WETNAP: yes 2
: dusted then deep fried
WING NIGHT: Monday Nights

So what were the two kinds of sauces I opted for? I went with hot - I had a negative feeling about the Furious sauce and I just went with my gut that it wouldn't be good. The other sauce I chose was Sticky Hot: honey garlic and hot mixed together. I know I know I broke a rule of the Fellowship, I had honey garlic, which isn't really a proper chicken wing. However, mixed with the hot sauce (and I'll be honest, I wanted BBQ, this was the closest thing) it was actually a sweet but spicy sauce. Literally sticky hot.

The wings were a medium in size (some smaller and some larger than others). The skin could have been crispier for my liking, but it was still good. There was just enough sauce on the wings, but the Sticky Hot ones were on the wedge fries that soaked away some of the sauce. LJ liked the chicken fingers, but it wasn't something she would go back there specifically for.

So what about me? Would I go back to Hurricane's Roadhouse for the wings? Well, this is how I would put it: if it were wing night, definetly. Another night of the week? Well Windsor has a lot of wing nights, I'd be willing to explore more.

3 out of 5 flappers

Hurricane's Roadhouse
3217 Sandwich Street
Windsor, Ontario

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Anonymous said...

hurricanes have 2-4-1 wings on wednesday also.... and u should of gotten gale force... definately deserves more flappers