Sunday, 13 August 2006

Taste of the Danforth

Today ends the three day festival that foodies everywhere in Toronto flock to get all their food on a stick needs: TASTE of the DANFORTH.

Held in the cultural enclave known as Greek Town, this 12 year old festival started as a showcase for Greek food and culture has blossomed to encompass food from all over the world. With an attendance of over a million, it is one of the largest street festivals in North America.

For the most part, the many restaurants on the Danforth simply set up booths on the sidewalk selling food and drink for $3-5 from soulvlaki to tacos and curry to sushi. But the baklava is still the king here.

I headed out on Saturday afternoon with my Visitor Centre/Film buddy Christy, and her friend from School up in Thunder Bay. The grilling little birds above was a MUST for Christy (where can I get a rotisserie like that?) who was definitely happy with her quail hunt.

So amongst the wondering amongst this food fest, yes I found CHICKEN WINGS. Now I can't do a real review, but here's a mini-one.

At first I just saw a sign for Ribs and Wings - went over and ordered. I then asked Christy to take a pic in front . . . Gabby's. I was not expecting a chain pub, but if I gotta eat these wings, I gotta, right? Gabby's was a common haunt in undergrad, but its been a long time since I've been back for their wings.

I got 6 sopping wings for $5. I had the choice of Hot or Honey Garlic, and come on, we all know Honey Garlic isn't a real wing.

The taste was common Buffalo style - no heat, but a ton of taste. The wings were cooked well (I had the taste of a well deep fried skin that brings me back to old fashion American wings). They may have been sitting in a heating pan, but damn were they good.

After a long day of walking around, tasting food and enjoying the great weather, I officially have to declare Taste of the Danforth a success.

And, I've been reminded I need to get back to Gabby's some time soon. Thumbs up on these road wings!

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