Thursday, 10 August 2006

RECIPE: Dry Wings V1.0

The night before, I was planning on going out for wings with Nee & Rayzor, however they suggested that Rayzor cook (which turned out to be a good idea after I checked my bank account out). The food was excellent (see a few pics HERE), but tonight I needed to have wings.

I pulled the second last ziplock bag of wings I have in the freezer from my big 5 pound purchase from a while ago. There was 2 bags to choose from: bag with hot sauce marinade, or plain. I figured the last bit of wings I cook up for the summer (before its back to the Caf wings) should be the hot and spicy, so tonight, it was experimenting time with the plain.

With 8 wings to test out, I decided to make 4 different dry rubs to coat these wings:


1) ALL FLAVOUR (Big silver bowl): corn meal, sweet paprika, all dressed popcorn seasoning
2) WET DRY (small silver bowl): corn meal, 3rd Degree sauce, chili powder
3) CHIP DIP (small white bowl left): corn meal, cool ranch popcorn seasoning, salt'n'pepper popcorn seasoning
4) DILLICIOUS (white bowl right): dill weed, dill popcorn seasoning

I thawed the wings, washed them, patted them dry, then rolled them in the seasoning. Into the toaster oven at approx 350 and it was only a matter of time till they were done.


The question was, how were they going to taste?

First, the CHIP DIP wings, named because I used Dorito flavouring and Salt & vinegar. These wings turned out the best of all. Crunchy coating but flavour of the seasoning was definitely there.

Second, the DILLICIOUS wings, named for the dill flavouring, was decent, but it seriously needs the dusting with corn meal or flour or something. If the wings were deep fried instead of baked, that would also help. Definitely to be made again.

Finally, WETDRY (named because I used both wet and dry ingredients) & ALL FLAVOUR (named for the All Dressed seasoning) were both semi-disappointing. On their own, they were nothing special. I ended up tossing on some hot sauce. Essentially this was a weak tasting dusting of the wing. Better than if the wings were in sauce without dusting, but not worth eating on their own.

In the end, I will continue to work on the dill and chip wings, but the others, there's no need.

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