Saturday, 26 August 2006

End of Summer Wings

What a terrible way to end the summer cooking fest that was this summer.
For the last week or so I was excited as I had about 1 pound of wings that I have kept in the freezer marinating in Frank's Red Hot. I had planned to cook them up earlier in the week but Training this week not only provided food, but when I had time off, no energy to cook. I also haven't had wings since Taste of the Danforth, and that wasn't a real wing experience.

After filming in Milton all day for ATGI (see HERE) I came back, thawed the wings and prepped the dusting. I cooked 4 of the wings in my wok and 4 in the oven. I also had 4 different types of sauce I wanted to use. Two classics, Frank's Extra Red Hot and PC Buffalo Wing Sauce. I also tried out 2 other sauces:

3rd Degree Sauce (and yes, I just realized I'm showing the french side)

And "PAIN 100%", a gift from Dude.

The Frank's and 3rd Degree was combined with a bit of margarine to give it a classic Buffalo feel. I also cooked up some hashbrowns. It was a long day and a long time cooking so by the time everything was finished, I was ready to eat.

The first wing I bit into was the PAIN sauce. I could barely eat the wing. This wasn't so much because of the heat (it was hot) but because I nearly vomited. I think the reason for this was when I was in Ottawa and Dude gave me the sauce: I took 2 full shots glasses full of the sauce straight up. Oh there was a burn, and the flavour was good. But me thinks my stomach protests just enough. I'm keeping the sauce, it is good, but its on the side burners for a while.

The Frank's wings were ok, but the sauce to margarine ratio was off. These wings were not great. The PC sauce wings were better, but not by much. Only the 3rd Degree wings turned out half decent.

So the wings were a failure. Don't get me wrong, these are good sauces, but something went wrong today when I was cooking the wings. I also whipped up a special chocolate milk I made last week, only to find it didn't turn out well either.

On top of all that, there was no taste to the marinade and the potatoes weren't that great either. What a crappy dinner and a crappy way to end the Summer of the Wing. I guess I'm going to have to go out and do a review at a better place.

Today is a sad day in the Wing Kingdom.

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