Friday, 11 August 2006

Justin'Times Flamingo Wing Review

Apparantly I wasn't the only one with a hankering for some wings tonight. Justin was all over baked wings. And I really like his baking rack!

Another frozen brand tested out, and one that I had never heard of: Flamingo Buffalo Wings (Spicy Flavour).

nutrition facts for 4 wings:
calories 210fat 13g --> 4 saturated....0.1 trans
cholesterol --> 70 mg
carbs 5g --> fibre 0, sugar 2g
sodium 70 mg
protein 19 g
vit A 2%
calcium 2%
iron 8%

heat the oven at 425 10 min then flip for another 10 min
cost: free....cause my parents paid

Justin said:
"u know i had low hopes cause they weren't that big and not breaded but they turned out really well - they weren't spicy - there was a kick. maybe a juvinille would not be able to eat them due to their spice but a seasoned wing vet would put this between bbq and hot hot at the most"

So they were small, not hot, but they look great and it caused Justin to collapse because of the flavour (see HERE).

Flamingo Buffalo Wings

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