Sunday, 12 March 2006

RECIPE: Ricky Patel's "Lets See What Do We Have To Throw In The Bowl" Wings

On another Wing Quest to try new styles of wings, the Fellowship's Ricky Patel forged ahead with a new taste. Lest find out if it worked:

"Lets See What Do We Have To Throw In The Bowl" Wings

12 Chicken Wings
The Keg Chicken seasoning Club House
No salt Chicken Seasoning
BBQ sauce
Coke (for fluid)
3rd Degree Hot Sauce
Frank's Red Hot Sauce


Pre-heat oven 450 degrees
Mix first 8 ingredients in a bowl
Place bowl mixture on a baking sheet with a good top spray of oil
Bake in oven for 25, turning wings once
Eaten with a side of 3rd Degree Sauce

Wings and Mixture in Bowl

Wing Mixture on Baking Sheet

The Final Product

Ricky's Comments:

-"it was a good simple wing dinner... for when you
want taste not spice... should be noted that I did dip
the wings afterwards as I was eating in 3rd degree
sauce for a variable spiciness"

-"next time less 'batter', it was kinda thick,

-"they didn't come out very spicy.... I didn't use
enough sauce...but the herb flavour from the
seasonings was good.."

Ricky also made some simple Garlic Toast:

-"it wasn't very exciting..just regular whole wheat bread, shredded mozzarella, and a sprinkle of garlic powder..."

They looked good to me

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