Wednesday, 22 March 2006


About to embark on a night of editing a video, a late night snack was needed to refuel before work began. Wings seemed to be in order, but my usual late night wing relief place, Al Frescos, was closed, so I went to one of the many Chinese restaurants in my neighborhood of Old China Town for a different wing taste, E-ON.

E-ON is a place that is quite hidden amongst the 10-15 Chinese restaurants in a two block radius (seriously, I don't know how they all survive). Its in a basement of a building and it is not open as late as others in the area. However, what drew me to the place is the excellent customer service I get when ever I have gone in the past. Tonight, I was the only patron, sadly, but the waiter I delt with (an older gentleman) was friendly, funny and went all out for my simple take out order of Spicy Wings.

When I looked at the menu, I saw my 2 flavour choices (honey garlic isn't a real wing flavour). Most Chinese places I get the plain wings, often referred to as Jar Doo wings (or other spellings) and add my own hot sauces later. This time, I decided to experiment and try the Spicy.


SIZE of WINGS: medium
HEAT: 3/10
PRICE: $6.95 for 12 wings*


SAUCE CHOICE: plain*(plain wings are $5.95), Honey Garlic/Spicy
SIDES: onion and green pepper??? (see below for explanation)
WETNAP: none
DEEP FRIED, GRILLED, BATTERED: deep fried, then pan fried
WING NIGHT: none, its a Chinese joint
OTHER: friendly service a plus

The Spicy wings are the deep fried wings that are taken out of the frier, then quickly pan fried with onion, green peppers, and chilies with a hint of flavours that I am not entirely familiar with. When I opened the container, I was a little worried by their appearance that they were not going to be good. I was happy that the waiter even put in extra hot sauce ("you like spicy, I will give you 2 extra containers of hot sauce") because I thought I was going to have to douse the wings. However, the hot sauce he gave was one I overindulged in in Hong Kong a few years ago, and can't stomach now (the flavour). Thankfully, these wings turned out to be a nice surprise.

Not overly spicy, these slightly oily but full of flavour wings definitely hit the late night munchy spot. Not overly large, but crunchy, these are obviously not a traditional Buffalo wing. Again, it wasn't hot, so I think the average person would enjoy these. After eating them all I think I might be too full to work on my video now!!!

So if you need a quick wing fix before 11pm, E-ON is the place to go. Oh, and they have damn good hot sour soup here too.

E-ON Restaurant
124 Chestnut Street

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