Thursday, 7 February 2019


It's #throwbackthursday & another LOST REVIEW!!!

The year was 2014, and the blog was at a low point of posts. That didn't mean I stopped eating wings nor did it mean I had intended to give up on doing reviews. I was just too busy and too tired to write, edit and post. Sad, but life is what it is.

It was August 13th 2014 in Toronto in the North York area and my friend and co-worker at the time Helen and I were out on a supply run for staff training. We had a car and were going to Costco, Dollarama and other places to pick up what we needed for 2 weeks for around 30 people. While we were out, we took advantage of the fact that we could grab some lunch. Helen knew the area and suggested that we go to Mary Brown's Famous Chicken & Taters. As a relocated Nova Scotianer, Helen has like many of her fellow East Coasteners a deep love of this fried chicken chain. I love fried chicken, so we checked it out.

I've lost my notes on this review, but the photos tell me it was pretty good. I do know I got the lunch special of 2 pieces of chicken, potato wedges, and a can of pop for $5.99, but because I'm a wing guy I also got their Wings, 7 wings for $6.99. I should note I remember not eating the whole meal and taking some of it home. I notice in the window there's an add for 5 Free Wings, but I have no memory of what that was for or why I didn't get it. I think everything was good. It all looks good. Those wings look really well sauced. Sadly, the next time I would go to Mary Brown's was just this month in 2019. It should be interesting to see a comparison of the wings and wedges.


Mary Brown's Famous Chicken & Taters
3199 Dufferin Street, Toronto ON (North York) (and other locations)

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