Monday, 29 October 2018

#fryday = Crispy's Dry Wings

This post is a little bit late by over a week.

Last Monday I worked at the City of Ottawa elections as a DRO (Deputy Returning Officer). It's the second election I've worked at this year, and it's a fascinating experience all around. One thing to note is that it's a long process and a long day - I went from about 8:30am-9pm. You have to bring a lunch because you can't leave the site, and not knowing if I had access to a proper break room, I just packed a big cooler with drinks, snacks, a sandwich and some pizza buns for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I grazed a lot, but wasn't that hungry. But once I was done, that was a different story.

I had to drop off all of my election materials to the 'command centre' at the south end of the city. I was starved, and didn't feel like a drive-thru burger. I realized I was close to Crispy's Resto Grill, and got myself an order of the breaded wings with hot sauce on the side. Crispy's might be my favourite take-out wings in the city. Here is the dry crispy wings before I added the Frank's Red Hot they put in a take-out container. It was heaven.

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