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Here at the blog I always seem to be playing catch up. I can't remember when I was posting a review within the same week I went out and actually had my meal. I have a lot of content on standby. I started to get things in order at the end of 2016 into 2017 and just to get by I was doing mini-reviews in the Year in Review and also over Instagram, but I've gone back to some of the places to do full on reviews, and Moe's Famous Pizza is one of those. But this review is still from last month.

I did a quick re-post from Instagram in October 2017, followed by a mini-review of Moe's in my Year in Review 2017,  and finally another #fryday Instagram from this past March. A quick recap, back in 2017 I was driving and saw the sign for Moe's Famous Pizza - never heard of them (how famous are they?) never tried them before, but I decided to stop in. I ordered 10 Suicide wings, and I was shocked 3 times: 1) the wings, served in a box, which was so heavy it felt like I was carrying a brick 2) the wings weren't just plain fried wings but were something special 3) the sauce wasn't your typical pizza joint take-out wings either. I was super impressed. Since then I've stopped in and chatted with who I assume is the owner/manager, who is always happy to talk about their wings and sauces and accommodates my requests. I think it's family run, and it seems to make a difference.

The place is nothing special building wise - it's a take-out pizza place with a vacant store next door and a loan institution on the other. It's clean inside, and while you can sit at a few stools at a counter, this place is about take-out/delivery.

I've tried two sauces in the past: Suicide and the BBQ (which is 40 Creek). The suicide was really good - nice heat and it was made with a bunch of spices and a detail to the sauce. The BBQ was good too. Now, I ask for a Suicide/BBQ mix because together they are really good.

On this particular occassion, I called ahead and ordered my usual BBQ/Suicide mix. I arrived and they were ready pretty soon. I took them to go and pulled over to have some lunch wings.

Wings are proudly displayed in the window, $10.99 for 10, $19.95 for 20, or $28.95 for 30. 10 wings here have to be somewhere between 1.5 lb and 2lbs worth of wings.

 10 of these wings are more than enough for me for lunch - they are a large wing. They are also pretty meaty. This is not your average pizza joint wings. I also love that you can see spices and chilies in the sauce.

The wings I'm pretty sure come from frozen, and might have some sort of coating on them. The skin is crispy, which is great, but the meat is tough. Another downside is that the wings have an almost burnt taste to them - I'm guessing it's an old oil that's being used. It's not terrible, but I'm sure many people would not like it.

The wings are tossed in a generous amount of sauce - no wing is dry, and they are sloppy enough that there's extra sauce in the box. The BBQ is thick, sweet but not too sweet, while the suicide gives a nice bite. They use several spices and chili's added to the hot sauce to make for a unique and very tasty wing. These two sauces go really well together.


I was happy that I stumbled upon this place that fateful day. There are so many local pizza places that do wings ok - they deep fry plain wings and toss them in Frank's. Moe's Famous Pizza doesn't serve your average wings, and while Hot is just Frank's, their suicide is something special. While the wings can be a bit tough and can have a burnt flavour to them (they would have scored higher if it wasn't for those factors), they are big, crispy and have some very tasty sauces. I don't know what the pizza is like, but I keep coming back for the wings. 8/14

Moe's Famous Pizza
102 b McEwan Ave, Ottawa ON

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