Monday, 24 September 2018

Tornado Blackout Wings

We've been on the road since Thursday, but my now home Ottawa and area suffered from two Tornado touchdowns that did some pretty bad damage. I heard it on the radio and wondered if our place was ok.

We came back Sunday late afternoon to find our building in darkness. The tornado had hit a major hydro power dealie and much of the city was still without power. We were fortunate because there was emergency power that kept one elevator running (we live midway up the building). I lit up some candles and not having anything to eat without cooking, I took to getting some pizza and wings. My phone was sufficiently charged and I was able to eventually track down a Pizza Pizza that was still open and get some pizza & wings. At 10:30 pm we got power back (thank you Ottawa Hydro), but everything in the freezer and much of the fridge is trash. That's my day today cleaning that out.

We are fortunate for many reasons. We were safe and away for the weekend and didn't have to worry about eating, heat, and our possessions. Many others have not been that fortunate. If you can, please help those that need help. I know I will:

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