Thursday, 26 April 2018

Sweet Heat Skittles

I know I mostly focus on wings around here, but things that are spicy also come on my radar. So when I saw Sweet Heat Skittles, I had to try a bag.

I was curious and a little horrified at the same time; would these two things go together? I hadn't seen any adverts or buzz about these, until I found a video with Money Lynch and seniors:

If the elderly could handle these, then they should be no problem at all.

There are 5 flavours in the pack:

  • Sizzlin' Strawberry
  • Fiery Watermelon
  • Blazin' Mango
  • Flamin' Orange
  • Lemon Spark

Also, these are Gluten free, so bonus for those with Gluten allergies.

The smell was nice and fruity, but the inner bag was not as colourful as I expected. But then I thought about it and these colours are that of fire: orange, yellow, red-dish . . .

So how were they? At first, you get that fruity-sugar flavour that is Skittles. You can taste the individual flavours of the strawberry or orange (but I'll be honest, I just down a bunch all at once usually). But after chewing that fruity-sugar flavour, you get this tingle in the back of the throat. Like this peppery kick. But it's not on the tongue or the lips, its this stream of pepper that drips down the back of the throat that does cause some almost coughing. Its' not the sensation I was expecting.

I liked them - they are super unique and not like any candy I've had before. You've got that traditional Skittles candy flavour, then some dark pepper going for the throat. These aren't at the top of my candy list, but I'd get them again.

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