Thursday, 26 April 2018

Gold-Dusted Chicken Wings? They might be Au-right ...

Would you try Gold-Dusted Wings?

The Daily News is reporting that New York eatery's 2 locations of The Ainsworth are serving the gold-dusted wings. Created in collaboration with chef Foodgod (Jonathan Cheban), these wings are the epitome of elite treat.

"The prized poultry pieces are first soaked in a mixture of coconut butter, gold butter, chipotle and honey batter for 24 hours. Then, real gold flakes are sprinkled on top of the wings before they’re served with a side of gourmet dipping blue cheese.
Orders come 10 wings for $30, or 20 wings for $60 at The Ainsworth East Village (64 Third Ave.) and The Ainsworth Chelsea (122 W. 26th St). Showoffs have the option of splurging for 50 wings plus a bottle of Champagne Armand de Brignac — for a whopping $1,000."

Wow. Wow.

I'd try them because there actually does sound like some flavour in there ... but at $30 for 10 wings, well actually that's not that much more than some pubs and restaurants already . . .

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