Sunday, 26 November 2017

Pop Chips "Crazy Hot"

What does the term "Crazy Hot" mean to you? I mean in a snacking sense. Like, ridiculously spicy right? 

These were not "crazy hot". These were not hot.

My wife and I were in Bulk Barn and she pointed out these Pop Chips - they stood out because they said "Crazy Hot". They were pretty expensive at $4+ for a small bag, but its a novelty product right? They looked very promising.

We had the bag for like a month, and finally cracked them open on a trip. There were not many in the bag but they looked good.

So these were not hot. Even LJ didn't find these hot. At all. They had the zesty flavour maybe a notch above an All Dressed Ruffles chip. They kind of tasted like an All Dressed chip in flavour. I checked the ingredients and it wasn't until the 6th ingredient I got "spice" and I don't know what that is. Cayenne spice? Habanero? Probably red pepper. Also contains milk . . . why?

Don't get me wrong, the flavour wasn't bad, just no level of heat. The texture was crispy and airy. Like a mix between popcorn and a chip. That's what they were going for so good. For a non-fried snack, these were not bad.

I did look them up on the internet and this is how they are described on the Popchips website:

"wondering what it’s like to eat crazy hot popchips? it’s kind of like kissing a fire-breathing dragon. take one bite and your taste buds will be hit by a wave of red chili pepper flavor, but with delectable hints of cheddar cheese to complement the heat. if you like your snacking crazy hot, this sizzling spice will keep you coming back for more."

So a few things:

  1. "like kissing a fire-breathing dragon" - no, its more like kissing a gecko.
  2. red chili pepper - not listed in the ingredients, not listed in my mouth
  3. delectable hints of cheddar cheese - ok that's where the milk comes in

So would I buy it again? Probably not. The pop chip is decent itself. The flavour is ok. But when something is advertised as "Crazy Hot" - it better be HOT. It was not. Also way too expensive. 

Have you had these? Did you find them hot.

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