Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Arby's has a Buffalo Chicken Sandwhich

When you think of Arby's, what's the first meat that comes to mind?

Chicken, right?

I saw an ad for a Buffalo Chicken sandwich at Arby's. I actually went to Arby's recently but I didn't try it. Why? Because I wanted that delicious sliced roast beef with cheese. That's not to say this sandwich doesn't look good. Also I have very limited access to Arby's so if I go, I gotta be selective.

It sounds pretty good right?

Actually while I haven't tried the big sandwhich, earlier I did try their Buffalo Chicken Slider. So let me tell you about that, because I imagine they are close, minus the lettuce and substitute ranch for the blue cheese sauce.

It's a slider, so it's small. It came in a tiny little box. All I could see was bun and sauce.

I was impressed with how saucy this was. They did not skimp on the sauce. That little chicken tender was slathered from here to eternity in sauce. Look how much oozed out the back? There's also blue cheese sauce on there which was added flavour without taking over the slider's taste (as blue cheese can do).

The chicken was crispy. It was meaty - if only for a few bites. It was seasoned too - I really appreciated it. The bun was also very fresh and very soft.

So if the full Buffalo Chicken Sandwich is anything like the slider, it would be worth the while to get. But I wanted roast beef, so you will have to be in the mood for chicken if your going this route.

Let me know if you had it!

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