Monday, 20 November 2017

#nonwingsunday JP Chili Dog

I stopped by one of my favourite chip truck's in Ottawa the other day, JP's Crispy Chips. I saw on the menu a chili dog, and 1) I have never tried it there and 2) have not had a chili dog in I don't know how long.

The fry girl taking orders warned me when I ordered the chili that it's spicy and has a kick, was I sure? Yes.

Wow, that chili was great! It actually had a kick and was spicy. It was meaty and the texture was thin enough to be great on a dog, but not runny enough to be stew-like. The dog itself was ok - I think it was steamed and then placed on the flattop, but the skin didn't have the snap that I like, and the taste was pretty mild. Fries were good - crispy as advertised, and even better with malt vinegar, sea salt and ketchup.

So if you want a kick-ass chili dog, check out JP's, but hurry, they close for the season at the end of November!

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