Wednesday, 27 July 2016

WWWWWW #82 - Cooking with Your Coffee Maker - Super Bowl Sunday Wings

World Wide Web Wacky Wing Wednesday. #lotwWWWWWW. 
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This Week:

Alton Brown is strongly against 'unitaskers'; kitchen gadgets that only have one use in the kitchen and take up valuable real estate in the drawer. Some people take that philosophy to the next level. That would be the writer at Cooking With Your Coffee Maker.

The actual goal for this blog was more about helping a nephew in the army:

"The idea of Cooking With Your Coffee Maker started with one of our nephews complaining that the he preferred MRE’s to the food in the mess hall in Afghanistan.
Since a coffee maker was the one appliance that all the soldiers have, I began to wonder if the water from a coffee maker would get hot enough to make instant oatmeal. You see I don’t own a coffee maker because we are not coffee drinkers in my house, so I went out and bought my first coffee maker."

So, what kind of recipes can you make in a coffee maker? People have heard about ramen and boiled eggs, but can you go beyond that?

Cupcakes? Sure why not!

Corn dogs? Apparently yes as well.

But we are all thinking ahead and wondering . . . you can't possibly do chicken wings in a coffee maker? Surely not . . .

... ok, they made Super Bowl Sunday Wings in the coffee maker. Did not see that one coming.

They didn't go much into details but it seems to involve 'simmering' the wings with a little water - then add chicken wing sauce. 

I won't lie, this does not appeal to me because I can't imagine the wings getting crispy, but instead just getting mushy in sauce. But I haven't tried it, so who knows.

Have you made chicken wings in a coffee maker? Or something else unconventional?

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