Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Kitchen Sink Wings #2

These were some "Kitchen Sink" wings I made the other day. I call them kitchen sink because I was just throwing stuff around the kitchen to make the sauce.

First I was baking some Pinty Pub & Grill Whisky Mustard wings, sans the mustard pack (I like the sauce, but these crispy breaded wings are great on their own*). I set the oven to broil and at 450 degrees, flipping the wings once until they were hot and crispy.

In a glass measuring cup I melted some margarine (about a tablespoon plus a little extra). Then I started dashing in:

  • 3rd Degree sauce
  • Worcestershire Sauce
  • Liquid Smoke
  • Sriracha Dry Seasoning
  • Vinegar
Put that in the microwave for 15 seconds, stir, then again. 

The wings came out, I blotted some of the grease with paper towel, then tossed the wings with the sauce.

I also threw together some garlic cheese toast. I had leftover hot dog buns (extra soft), slapped some garlic butter and shredded some marble cheese. I put these in with the wings after their second flip. The buns were toasty but soft, buttery and cheesy. Spot on.

The wings turned out great. Spicy but a lot of depth. Easy to make - just threw this together really quick. What I like is that the sauce just wraps the crispy breaded wings like a velvety blanket of goodness. Kitchen Sink Wings #2**, when you need wings in a pinch.

* I thought I had done a review of these wings earlier this year, but I've dropped a lot in the recent past. So maybe I will post one of the mustard whisky wings in the future . . .
** I thought I had posted on Instagram Kitchen Sink Wings #1. I had not. I guess I could re-edit that, but for my own records, these are #2.

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