Wednesday, 13 July 2016

WWWWWW #80 - Bigs Sunflower Seeds

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This Week:

Bigs Sunflower Seeds: "Do You Believe Life's Too Short To Not Go Bigs?"

I will admit, when I think of sunflower seeds, I don't think Buffalo wings. But Bigs does. Bigs is an American sunflower and pumpkin seed company with an 'x-treme' approach. You don't just buy and eat the seeds, you are part of a larger community:

"When you choose BIGS, you join a tribe. A clan of fun-loving seeders that share a common belief: YOU SHOULDN'T COMPROMISE ON FLAVOR. EVER."

So of course, they have a buffalo wing themed sunflower seed:

"When you’re whipping up a batch of wings for the big game, you know Frank’s® Redhot® Sauce is your only choice. At BIGS®, we agree. Frank’s spicy but flavorful Redhot Sauce makes every Buffalo Wing seed pack a powerful punch of heat. So go ahead and pop one (or twenty) in your mouth and feel the signature buffalo burn."

I haven't had them, so I can't comment. Have you? Do they taste like Buffalo Wings? Let me know!

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