Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Switzerland Juice Dip Chicken Wings in Xi'an China

Here's a guest review from my buddy Randy in China:

Dear Wing King:

It was a lazy Sunday and Vicky and I decided last minute to go the hot springs and relax for the afternoon. It was 6pm and we were pretty hungry. Nothing relaxing to make you hungry eh! We went near the city's center, near the accent Bell Tower to find some grub. We decided to check out this Hong Kong restaurant located on West Street. I saw wings on the menu and of course thought of you. Most wings in this city, Xi'an, are all the same. These were actually different and caught my attention. Switzerland Juice Dip Chicken Wings. Switzerland....in Xi'an...in a Hong Kong restaurant....I was getting pretty confused. However, had to try them!

They looked pretty good at first...but after the first bite I was disappointed. The size was ok, the meat was right...but the sauce. Oh the sauce was just not right. It was this strange sweet taste that I really cant explain.

 I had maybe 2 of them and couldnt go for more. Vicky loved them though! Maybe because she was using chopsticks to eat them?

Vicky gave them a 8/10
I gave them a 4/10

Just goes to show that people have different tastes eh?

Good or bad, a review is a review right??

Take care WK!

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