Monday, 25 October 2010

Haiku - Chicken Wing Poetry

A Bowl of Crispy Wings
Hot Sauce Stings My Lips and Mouth
Nirvana is Reached


indianguy said...

You make the dumb line
poor haiku for chicken wings
Vashi is dumber

Teena in Toronto said...


I'm in Ottawa! I had wings last night for supper at the Snug Pub in the Market.

Chris said...


Lee said...


This is not related to your poem. But since you have extensive experience with wing sauces/hot sauces, I have a question. I was at a pizza place today and put some HS on my pizza then left. The sauce was very good and I am wondering if you might tell me what it is.

It is thick, the consistency of ketchup. Darker then franks, slightly sweet, not too spicy but a little burn on my lips. Does this sound like anything?


Ricky P. said...

Where has Wing King gone
he left us hungry again
cold and wingless, why?

Lord of the Wings said...

@indianguy - Vashi may be dumber, but I'm thinking indianguy is up there . . .

@Teena - awesome . . . sorry I didn't read this till long after you left Ottawa!

@Chris - thank you

@Lee - I don't know off the top of my head, but let me see what I can find . . .

@Ricky - Nice haiku yourself. I was lost in work and Halloween preperations. Its all over and I'm getting back into the wing of things.