Tuesday, 9 November 2010

THE 3 BREWERS ~ Toronto ON

So, back in October, my good friend Ricky came to visit and we went out for lunch for some poutine. Then we also went out for supper. But life got busy and blogging went to the side and I never finished the posting. But never too late, here is the tale of that long lost supper. 

We were looking to go somewhere new, somewhere interesting. Hopefully some place that had wings, but that had an interesting environment as well. I remember hearing something about a Montreal establishment called Les Trois Brasseurs that had expanded to Toronto. Rick and I took a look at the website, and soon enough we were on our way to 3 Brewers.

When reading the story of the establishment, it turns out that it is not only a chain in Quebec, but actually originated in France. The unique feature of Les Trois Brasseurs/The 3 Brewers is the on-stie micro brewery making its own beer for customers. 

This is how Ricky described our arrival:

"The Three Brewers was an interesting dining location.  We had the unfortunate luck to be attempting to have a meal during a hockey game downtown.  I don't have anything against hockey particularly, but I've just had too many good meals ruined by the sport.  The restaurant smelled like fermenting grain and coupled with  the multiple dining levels, and antique industrial decorations made for an intriguing environment."

Like Ricky I could have done without the game (no hostess, we do not need to sit facing a TV). But I really did like the atmosphere of the place. So many seating options and the feeling of sitting in a cozy factory (I know that sounds weird, but with the brick, wood and metal, that was the impression it gave), even though it was big it could easily become a local hangout. I like that you can see the big tanks and even go on a tour to see the operation.

"I would be amiss if I didn't mention the beer first and foremost.  The beer, which is apparently brewed on the premises is definitely a focus of the restaurant.  The waitress was well versed or well rehearsed in the qualities of each of their brews and promptly informed us about their  selection.  I chose a blonde lager which I presumed would better accompany my expected meal of Chicken wings.  I enjoyed the beer, it had a nice smooth taste with a distinct hint of spice (perhaps cumin as it was described by the waitress). "

I decided, when in Rome, and actually got a beer. If you don't know me, in general I don't consume alcohol. But I was at a brewery/restaurant and felt it was the thing to do. I went with their Amber . . . I don't really know beer, but the honey golden colour seemed to me the way to go with my meal. And it wasn't bad - you know, for a beer.

So beer was a key part to the place, but what about the food?


"I wasn't as impressed with the food though." Ricky ordered "a flan [Flammekueches], which was basically a flat bread pizza.  I decide on the Chevre Chaud variety.  It was goat cheese and onions.  I enjoyed the creamy goat cheese, but found the rest of the flan to be kind of plain. "

I went with the garlic bread with melted cheese. Soft, chewey, cheesy - the texture was just what garlic cheese bread should be. It was not, however, very garlicky. Mostly just cheese and butter flavoured.

Both Rick and I came with the desire for wings. We didn't know what we would be getting exactly, but that's why we are wing explorers. 

The wings were pretty much disappointing all around. And considering we only got about 8 wings at $9.99 - they were way overpriced.

Ricky: "The wings were average at best.  Their flavour was simple and the wings small. "

The wings were small, small-medium in size. The skin was crisp, but not crispy as advertised. The wings were deep fried, but they were closer to a baked wing in my opinion.


The first thing I noticed about the Hot was how not hot it was. It was really mild. I can't imagine what mild was like. The flavour was very plain - no zing. It was more sweet than spicy, but then it wasn't strong. I didn't mind it, but I wouldn't ever think to go with Hot again.


I wanted to sample the other sauce on the menu (aside from the mild) so I tried the Honey BBQ. It was a slightly runny, slightly thick sauce. The honey flavour was mild and the BBQ sauce seemed pretty generic.

Also have to mention the veggies and dip. Carrot sticks and celery were as expected, but the blue cheese dip was seemingly homemade - thick with nice big chunks of blue cheese.

Ricky: "The food we had didn't seem to be up to the standard set by the beer and location.  I would go back though, for the beer and perhaps to try some of the other food, but not for wings and a hockey game."  My sentiments exactly. The food was ok, but nothing that would draw me back. I really liked the place itself and the beer was nice as well. But the wings, just so disappointing.  4/10

Thanks Ricky for coming down to visit and accidentally indulging in French fast food. It was a good day.

The 3 Brewers
275 Yonge Street, Toronto ON (other locations in Quebec)


Teena in Toronto said...

Gord likes it there ... I'm not a fan :(

Lord of the Wings said...

@Teena - is it the food or the atmosphere? Or the beer that you don't like?

Chris said...

When I saw $9.99 for 8 wings, I was hoping there was some kind of metric dollars conversion thing going on where "$9.99 for 8 wings" meant something else. I'd be ticked.

Lord of the Wings said...

@Chris - Ticked is a good sentimet. I wish there was some fancy conversion thing to make that sound like a good deal, but no, no there isn't.