Monday, 11 October 2010

Chestnut Tree Wing Lunch: Teasing, Explosions and Good Byes.

I'm being a bit of a tease, so I apologize.

I've been fortunate enough that I've been getting restaurant quality wings that A) I didn't make, and B) The public can't get either. It's more food porn than anything else. I'm back in the caf, and wings came up again in the rotation. This time it was lunch, and I came prepared.

They saw me coming and gave me a special order of wings, sauce-less, curly fry-less, and heaped.

These were some very crispy breaded wings. A fried chicken that would be great on it's own. Today for lunch they are plating wings (about 5 to a plate) sauced either in honey garlic or BBQ sauce, with a side of curly fries.

I wasn't alone either; my co-workers were joining me in this noon-time wing-a-thon.

Kat was back with her honey garlic wings. You can't tell me she isn't enjoying those wings.

Sarah was also eating wing with us. BBQ was her choice of sauce, and you can tell it was good because it was all over her fingers. Also declining to be on camera and without wings were Laura and Andrea. Actually Laura and I had flipped plates: mine was all wings, hers were all curly fries.

Now I showed you the sauce-less wings I had, but I didn't eat them like that. I brought down some of Nathan's Scotch Bonnet sauce that he gave me a couple of weeks ago during the last wing night. But I really wanted to coat the wings in the sauce, so I had to improvise.

Simple instructions. Just call me Wing MacGyver.

Those wings were perfectly sauced. The smell coming off them was great and I just loved how they looked wet, hot and sloppy. Speaking of sloppy . . .

While trying to squeeze the sauce out of the bottle, a chili seed got stuck, causing a build up, when BLAM! Sauce explosion. All over Kat. All over me. I am so sorry Kat. I'm glad I live in my place of work, because I HAD to change after lunch. Again, sorry Kat.

I was mega hungry and with AYCE wings, I had to go back for more. I grabbed a plate of BBQ wings, and suicided them up.

This created a sweeter wing, very gooey, but still lots of layered burn from the suicide sauce. It was soo good. I was a very happy with lunch.

And I have some sad news for me and the dining hall; Sous Chef Nathan is leaving us to take over a dinning hall on his own. The caf will not be the same without him, but I wish him the best and I know he will make a big difference where he is going. Thank you Nathan for all your hard work, our conversations and for the chicken wing/suicide sauce love.


Teena in Toronto said...

I had wings a couple times at our resort in Punta Cana ... had they been hotter (heat), they would have been better. Just battered and no dipping sauce :(

Chris said...

Ahhh never mind the sauce splatter, there is always collateral damage!

PS: Tell Kat you don't eat the bones, ha ha. Great picts.

Lord of the Wings said...

@Teena - I always wondered if you could get wings at resorts - I'm glad to know I can. But sad they were mild and dip-less.

@Chris - That's true, I should always warn people that collateral damage when I have wings! And I will let her know!