Monday, 11 October 2010

BBQ Wings in Xi'an China

My good buddy Dude is still in China. Still in Xi'an. Still eating wings.We spoke over the Internet the other night and here are some excerpts from our texted conversation:

Dude: had a KICK ass order of wings last night
Dude: took pics...

WK:   Who are you eating with?
Dude: Ted is in the middle & on the right is Alan. Both from england and teach here in xian.

WK:   where are you eating?
Dude: its a local noodle/bbq restarant about ten min walk from my apartment.
Dude: great great food
Dude: friendly people
Dude: we don't know the name - its in chinese
Dude: its a family run bbq place - we spent last new years there
WK:   when you say BBQ, what do you mean?
Dude: its a noodle shop, but they have a section that will BBQ for you.
Dude: um, how to explain . . .
Dude: like this [Ed. note- photo taken from here ]
Dude: these wings were crispy and so juicy at the same time

WK:   are you in the muslim market? what is the name of the area of Xi'an you are eating in?
Dude: we aren't in the muslim area, the area is called east street, bell tower
Dude:  we sat there for some noodles ... so I thought I would order a couple of wings ... well we
            them ... and thought wow! so we ordered more

WK:   what kind of flavour are they?
Dude: im getting the name of the spice now ...
Dude: ok, the flavour is cumin and chili
Dude: the price was 5 yuan for one stick (2 wings) [Ed note: 5 yuan = approx $0.75]

Dude: No side dishes ... just pure meat on a plate

WK:   is there just one flavour?
Dude: ya, just the one kind
Dude: its the same flavour all over xian

WK:  What did the Brits think of them?
Dude: they loved them

Dude: sometimes this place doesn't make them crispy ... so we asked them to cook them well
Dude: to give a rating ... ive had better in xian ... and worse. I give them a 4 out of 5

Thanks Dude for the review and the photos - the wings look really good! Another reason I wish I could go back to China.


Teena in Toronto said...

Interesting that they are on sticks. Getting messy is half the fun!

Swordsman said...

I like that they are on sticks. Kinda surprised there are chicken wings in China though.

75 cents for 2 wings is pretty good pricing too.

Anonymous said... go there from Amanda

Lord of the Wings said...

@Teena - The sticks are skewers
while they cook them over
charcoal - but I agree, I
love getting in and messy
with wings.

@Swordsman - Chicken Wings are
everywhere! And ya the
price is good.

@Amanda - Thanks - it looks pretty
good, next time I'm home
can we go?