Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Zantac - SPICY ~ CWOS Reviews

Oooh another CWOS review!

This week is a commercial for ZANTAC, a heartburn treatment. I've been trying to get this commercial since I saw it (and fell in love with it because there are wings in it). Apparantly its Canadian (or at least the dancers are).

Its not particularily funny, but entertaining. LJ said it reminded her of Bollywood movies with all the dancing. I just like the chicken wings. That's how I feel everytime I have good wings. The restaurant looks like a Jack Astor's or a Caseys. I just want to know where it is that "Hot Wings" special is - they look damn good and that's a big basket!

I'll be honest, I've never used Zantac. I'm fortunate that I rarely get heartburn now. I did when I was a teenager and young twenties something fierce, and then I used Pepto Bismal (I was so happy when they came out with Cherry PB). But my body has acclimatized to the heat, and I only hope I never get an ulcer.


I've added Zantac's other heartburn commercial. It warms my heart when the guy sees everyone and everything he can eat again. The guy in the chicken suit is a Canadian comedian but I just can't remember his name or the shows he was on.

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Chris said...

I don't know....I'm still ticked that they didn't offer you the lead role in that commercial;)

Teena in Toronto said...

How come no one dances where I get wings?!