Thursday, 14 May 2009

Diana Gourmet: Spicy BBQ ~ Sauce Review

Back in April, I went to Pub 101 for some wings. They had some great BBQ sauced wings and when I asked what it was, it turned out to be Diana Sauce that you can basically buy at the store. I was sad that I had been duped by a non-homemade sauce, but happy that I could simply buy it at the store. And I did, on sale.

I bought both Original and Spicy, and it was at this personal BBQ that I used Spicy (because if the sauce was just Original, than Spicy would be, well spicier.

I have no idea who Diana is. And I couldn't find any info on her or the history of the sauce. I remember having it at home with my parents many many moons ago, and that it was decent sauce. Then for years, I never had it until, well Pub 101. Her pictures look like a 50's house wife.

I was testing out my 3rd version Charcoal Chimney and doing wings up, and the only sauce I could think to use was Diana's sitting on my self.

The look of the sauce is a reddy/brown/orangey colour. It somewhat thick, but really it is more runny.

I could see chunks of spices floating around and that seemed to bode well for this spicy BBQ.

I smelt the sauce before putting it on the wings . . . it smelled sweet. I tasted the sauce . . . it tasted sweet. I thought perhaps the sauce needs a moment to kick in. So I dove into my grilled wings with Diana's all over them and I came to the same conclusion . . . sweet.

That didn't stop me for mowing down on these wings. But I was disappointed in the sauce. It was just super sweet. No heat. Ok a minor tingle, but there really isn't any heat in there. Even worse, it didn't taste like the sauce I had at Pub 101.

It was pretty goopey too. It stuck to the wings pretty good - it would have been better on crispy deep fried wings. But then again, so would a more bold BBQ sauce.

FINAL SCORE: Ok, I wasn't a fan. It was just too damn sweet. No heat. Some people I'm sure would like it, but not me. I'm hoping the original will have a fuller, bolder flavour. At least my wings themselves were good. 1.5/6

Diana Sauce: Gourmet Spicy


Chris said...

I like to return my sauced wings to the grill for just 5-10 minutes more to get them just perfect and thicken up the sauce.

Either way, they looked good and I would have eaten them!

Teena in Toronto said...

I have a bottle in my fridge!

Lord of the Wings said...

Chris - thats a good idea, I think it would have helped this batch of wings.

Teena - how do you use the sauce? or is it one that goes in and never comes out (I have tried to stop doing that!)

Terry Penwarden said...

Diana is my mom. My dad was the founder of Diana sauce and sold it to Heinz 20 years ago.