Wednesday, 6 May 2009

2for1 Pizza Pie ~ Ottawa

It was the weekend, and I got sick. We were supposed to attend a BBQ at friends, but being under the weather, (and the weather being bad for grilling anyway), we decided to order out. Then the dilemma: what to order. Usually I'm pretty flexible with what to eat, but tonight I was pretty much to the point - pizza. I wasn't even in the mood for wings. I just wanted a BBQ pizza of some sort. Then the next problem: where to order from? Well, a flyer had come in the mail for 2for1 Pizza Pie. I tried to look up their website, but it didn't work. But I did find a commercial for them on the net:

So not much useful info, so it was back to the flyer. The Family Special on the front of the flyer was 2 Med Pizzas (with 2 toppings), garlic bread (we substituted for wedge fries), 10 wings, 4 cans of pop, dipping sauce, and a McCain marble cake for $27.49 & free delivery. Sounded pretty good, so that's what we got.

LJ & I split our pizzas: Hers on the left was thin crust, Hot Italian Sausage, Red Onion, and Mushrooms with free roasted garlic. This pizza was terrible - first, the Hot Italian Sausage is a) not hot, and b) tiny round pieces of meat that didn't resemble Italian sausage at all (I hate places that serve this kind of sausage). Also the roasted garlic was just way too strong and ruined the flavour of this pie. My pizza is on the right:

Also thin crust, with Peperoni (I almost went with the sausage, good thing I didn't), Red Onion and Pineapple with Suicide Sauce. The sauce came on the side. I really liked the pizza; thin crust was thin and soft and remained so for a few days later. The sauce was ok, and the toppings were just right. I know it wasn't the BBQ pizza I was originally jonesing for, but when I saw 'suicide sauce' (or hot sauce) as a free topping, it changed the whole dynamic of what I was ordering.

We substituted the garlic bread for potato wedges (an extra charge I think) but well worth it. They were crispy, but soft inside. Seasoned just right, they were a great side. But how were the wings you ask?

Not feeling well caused my desires to fluctuate rapidly. Originally I didn't want wings, but when wings were in the combo, I couldn't wait to see what I would get.

My first impression was that I was impressed with the size of the wings. They were really big. 10 totally filled the container.

The wings were also pretty meaty as well. And I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure they were fresh. They were at least not some bagged-frozen wings from a company. Big and meaty - what more can you ask?

Well, crispy, for one. These wings were baked, which doesn't necessarily mean they were bad, but they were not baked long enough. There were a few crispy-ish wings, but the photo above demonstrates on the right a not-fully baked wing.

I went with hot sauce (which was the 'suicide' on the pizza). The wings were relatively wet, but there definitely was no heat to this 'hot'.

I really wanted to like the wings. I mean, fresh wings, big and meaty? But I just wasn't feeling them. I only ate 3, and it wasn't because I wasn't feeling well. The next day I re-baked the wings under the broiler and added some Frank's, and that made them much more palatable.

FINAL SCORE: Well, it was an experiment that didn't really work. Would I order the pizza again? Maybe. It was decent cheap pizza and remained so for 3 days after. The potato wedges were worth ordering again. The wings, well the wings ended up not being worth it. Some good points, but ultimately there are better places for me to choose from. 3.5/9

2for1 Pizza Pie
320 Bank Street, Ottawa (website is down at time of review)

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Chris said...

Glad you're feeling better!

I think it's very hard to serve crispy wings if you have to store them in a container for any length of time at all.