Monday, 18 May 2009

Company's Coming: Most Loved Appetizers

I'm on leave from Ottawa making my parents home my home base for the past week or so with trips all around South Western Ontario (Waterloo, Kitchener, Port Dover, Burford, Waterford, Ingersoll, London, Ilderton - holy jumpin I'm getting around). I found a new cook book sitting in the kitchen that was recently purchased and I started leafing through.

Company's Coming: Most Loved Appetizers is by Jean Paré. This is part of a series by Company's Coming cookbooks, started by Jean herself who's been writing the series for over 20 years.

I haven't tried any of the recipes out, but these classic and punched up appetizers sound mighty tasty. What caught my eye are the many wing recipes in the book.

Bottom: continued from other page
WARNING: This recipe is INCORRECT.

This recipe says it is for Buffalo Wings. It is not. It is for HOT WINGS. See how the chicken is dipped into an egg mixture, then a flour mixture? Ya, Buffalo Wings are not dipped into anything but oil. And then yes, they are deep fried. But the sauce? Louisiana sauce. Ok its a cayenne based sauce, but at no point do you mix it with butter. Please see The Wing King's Guide to Classifying Chicken Wings.

Also, they heinously say "Decide if you want hot wings or "suicide" hot wings by varying the amount of Louisiana sauce". No. No no no. A shot of Louisiana Sauce and a cup of Louisiana Sauce has the same Scoville heat. You have to decrease it with butter. In fact, you have to add something hot to make Louisiana sauce 'suicide'. Another case of a careless chef/writer using terms without the research.

So other than some criminal wing mislabeling, these are some interesting ideas. Some are a bit sweet, but the Parmesan wings, both of them, looked tasty. Plus there's lots of other recipes that I want to try. I just have to make sure I have a lot of cream cheese; everything seems to have it.

Company's Coming: Most Loved Appetizers


sandla said...

good idea

Teena in Toronto said...

What a cool book!

Thanks for posting pix of the recipes ... I'll have to try some.

Let us know how they turn out.

Indianguy said...

Yes Hi? Its funny because they have the Parmesan Wings and not the Parmegeddon Wings (Named after Parm[Parminder]).

Chris said...

Great point about heat intensity. If it makes you feel any better, I have seen two "chefs" in the past two days recommending boiling your ribs for before "grilling" them for good "BBQ". (Three strikes right there!)

Wild Mountain Gourmet said...

very true about the errors in the book! Nice you took the time to explain, and your info IS correct! We also recommend the use of butter with our Hot Wing Sauce to reduce the intensity and help coat the wings.