Monday, 6 October 2008

WK Buffalo-Butter v3.0 & Dry Dill Wings v2.0 ~ Recipe

What is better than having a deep fryer?

How about having TWO!?!?

For my B-day, LJ got me a deep fryer. Yes she knew I had one already, but my original one is in a storage trailer in Scotland Ontario, (did you know there was even a Scotland Ontario???) and as she said, now you can deep fry twice the wings! What a wise and wonderful woman.

This Rival is the 'civilian' model of my Wing-It fryer. There are only 2 real differences between the two: this model has more precise control of temperature, but it has a round basket thus limiting the amount of food going in. I knew as soon as I opened it up I was having some fresh wings soon!



  • chicken wings, split
  • cayenne pepper
  • s&p
  • garlic powder
  • flour
  • oil
  • Frank's Red Hot Sauce
  • butter
  • Dill popcorn seasoning


  1. wash wings, pat dry.
  2. toss wings in flour/cayenne/s&p, shake well to remove excess flour.
  3. heat deep fryer to maximum - place wings in when heat ready.
  4. When wings are golden and crispy, remove from fryer and pat excess oil with paper towel.

  5. in a bowl, melt butter (1/3 part to 2/3's hot sauce); when melted add hot sauce.
  6. Toss wings in hot sauce and enjoy!

  7. Immediately after deep frying, shake on dill, generously.

  8. Toss wings in hot sauce, then generously shake on dill seasoning.

2 packages of wings ready for a cold shower. Got to keep clean.

Pink wings? Yes, the cayenne and flour dusting turned my wings pink. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Time for a hot bath. I'm so excited.

Ooooh, can you smell what the Rock is cooking? The Rock is me by the way. No one calls me The Rock. And deep fry isn't really a good smell. Can you hear what I'm cooking? No, cuz this is the Internet. Bummer. Can you SEE what I'm cooking? YES!

Crispy, almost perfect sitting in that little basket.

Let's towel them off now.

The Final Product: two great wing styles in all their glory.

Now some people are asking, 'WK, why do you call it Buffalo-Butter wings? Aren't they just Buffalo wings?'. My answer is NO. They are Buffalo wing inspired, but I dusted the wings before deep frying. People from Buffalo are very serious about their 'wings' and the authentic recipe is wings simply deep fried with a Frank's/butter combo. I am honouring and defending that tradition. So while the sauce is a 'Buffalo' sauce, I can't in good conscious call them Buffalo Wings.
The difference from V.2, is that I didn't have chili peppers, but I did add cayenne.

The Buffalo-Butter sauce - so good!

Club House Dill Pickle Pop Corn Seasoning. Shake liberally.

Oh man, white gold!!! Crunchy, dilly - DILL-ICIOUS!!!
Way better than my first attempt HERE

Having traditional wings? Gotta have veggies and dip!!!

The dip sucked. A dill packet from the salad dressing section with sour cream. Junk.

Also did up a few pita wedges in the ol' fryer. First batch was over done - no more than 1 minute. Lesson learned. Great for dipping in the hot sauce.

Just a glorious wing. Spicy (but could have been much hotter). I would rate these hot. The cayenne dusting was tasty but not hot enough.

The dill was a very exciting addition to the wing repertoire. Highly recommended, especially to those who don't like hot spiced wings.

A few weeks ago LJ, who loves dill wings, had the idea for spicy dill. I followed through with the last remaining wings:

Sauced up hot, and then sprinkled with dill - OMG- so goood!!!

Spicy, tangy, dilly - crazy dillicious. Yes I used that joke again.

WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN DONE DIFFERENTLY? Um, not much. I didn't make the sauce too spicy so that LJ could enjoy it. But if it was just me eating, I would have bumped up the sauce with either cayenne directly into the sauce, or some sirachi (talk about polluting a pure Buffalo sauce!). The dusting was great. The deep frying went well. Hot was good, dill was good, and hot-dill was excellent.

Thanks LJ for the deep fryer and for the wings!!!


Teena in Toronto said...

The wings look delish ... I dunno about the Dill Pickle Pop Corn Seasoning though.

Lord of the Wing said...

Oh, you've got to try the dill wing!

Dana McCauley said...

Holy moly! That dilly wing must be pretty freakin' salty -were your thirsty for days after that feast?

I love how much purist respect you show the Buffalo Wing concept!

Lord of the Wing said...

It looks a lot more salty than it is!!! Gotta use a lot a dill powder to get the full flavour :)

andre anderson said...

Looks good!