Saturday, 3 March 2007

RECIPE: LOTW Pizza v1.0

Last week I had a lot of guests. Dude, Bramanda, and after they left, Rick came down on his reading week.

While he was down he wanted to judge the Pizza Sticks and the new deep fryer to himself. I had made Buffalo wing sauce and a special Spicy BBQ sauce I had concoqueded before and he seem to judge them well.

Fast forward a few days and I needed a snack. It was late, I had been doing some work, but I didn't think I had anything to snack on. I was wrong. I had left over pizza dough, sauce and some other ingredients and decided to make a pizza.

  • pizza dough
  • spicy pizza sauce
  • hot sauce (Wing Time Extra Spicy)
  • BBQ sauce
  • garlic powder
  • real bacon bits
  • parmesean cheese
  • cheddar cheese
  • corn meal
  1. preheat oven (or in my case toaster oven) approx 250 degrees
  2. stretch out pizza dough
  3. roll bottom of pizza in cornmeal to form light crust
  4. spread 3 sauces: 1/4 hot sauce, 1/4 BBQ sauce, 2/4 pizza sauce
  5. sprinkle garlic powder, parmesean cheese
  6. shred cheese, spread thick
  7. add bacon bits
  8. bake in oven until dough is brown & crispy, and cheese/sauce is bubbly

The Ingredients*

*NOTE: I don't give amounts for how much to use that's because in cooking like this - it all depends on personal taste. Want less spicy, you put in less hot sauce. Want a strong garlic taste? Add lots of garlic powder.

3 Sauces spread on dough - thick

Sprinkle garlic powder, cheese and bacon bits.
REAL BACON BITS, not simulated

Bake at 250 for about 10 minutes

Straight out of the oven

So ooey gooey good - all melty, mmmmm melty

This turned out to be a great snack. It was so similar to the Fresh Obsessed pizza buns, I just may have stumbled upon their secret recipe. The dough was quite thick, but with all the pizza sauce and cheese it certainly didn't dominate the flavour scene.

The bbq sauce gave it a bit of zing, and the hot sauce gave it the needed kick to make this a little party in my mouth. You have to use the Real Bacon Bits because you get real bacon taste and a bit of crunch. The cornmeal on the bottom adds a nice crisp to the crust BUT it also helps prevent the dough from sticking to the pan.

So if you need a late night snack, and happen to have pizza dough and similar ingredients, check this out. The smell, texture and taste were all here for a great make-shift pizza.

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