Monday, 6 November 2006

Ned Devine's - Milton

NOTE: This, like the last review, is several weeks old

When word reaches Jackie and Michael, two elderly best friends that someone in their fictional tiny Irish village of Tullymore has won the national lottery, they go to great lengths to find the winner so they can share the wealth. After a chicken-dinner plot to narrow down their list of suspects, they pay a midnight visit to the only absentee, Ned Devine.

Ok, the only connection I could find between the pub and the movie was the name and the Irish theme. As far as I can tell this Milton establishment picked a film about Ireland, thought it sounded great for a pub, and poof, there it was.

Why was I in Milton to begin with? Well, the new Away Team was on a ghost investigation that weekend. Brad Amanda and myself had done some preliminary set up, but due to weather, we were forced to wait it out. Lunch became the next important investigation and Bramanda knew of a nice little pub in the area to try the wings.

Normally I find it odd when a pub exists in a plaza mall, but Ned Devine's seem to find a perfect home. Inside the pub is very new, with a decor similar to classic Irish pubs, but much more fresh. Flat screen tv's surround the main room with a happy mid-Saturday crowd enjoying the music, the game and the food.

There were a lot of interesting things on the menu. Amanda went with an excellent All Day Irish Fry, or breakfast special. You can see her above enjoying bacon. Yes, thats our former Vegan relishing one of the most delicious foods next to wings, Bacon. Brad ordered a delicious looking fish and chips. We did order a delicious sounding dip that fortunately our waitress forgot, because we were so stuffed with what we got. I should note we had an excellent waitress, despite this accidental blessing in disguise.

I on the other hand got sheppard pie. No of course not. I ordered wings. What else???


SIZE of WINGS: medium to large
HEAT: 6/10 for hot, 8/10 for suicide
PRICE: $9.95 for 1 lb., $16.95 for 2 lb., $24.95 for 3 lbs.


SAUCE CHOICE: mild/medium/grand hot/suicide/honey garlic
SIDES: veggies and dip
: dusted then deep fried just right
WING NIGHT: Tuesday $0.39 wings, with purchase of a drink

As soon as I saw the wings come out, I was happy. They were big, they looked crunchy, and they smelled, well, devine. It was a pound of hot with suicide on the side. The hot had a good flavour, distinct but not unlike that I have tried before. It was nice to have a different flavour than your run of the mill pub wings.

The suicide was on the side because of past problems. The sauce was a good suicide, with a bit of a burn and a flavour that didn't make me gag with pepper. It was very similar to PAIN (as mentioned before) but without the gag reflex I have associated with it now. Amanda even tried it in her day of taking chances, however, like her quick acceptance to sit in the Bait Room for the ghost investigation, she regretted making the decision shortly after.

So, Ned's was a great pub, great service, and great food. The wings definitely get my thumbs up, despite the fact that many of you will never stop in Milton to try these delicious wings. 4 out of 5 flappers.

Ned Devine's Irish Pub and Alehouse
575 Ontario St. S., Milton

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