Thursday, 9 November 2006

The Chestnut Report - Part VI of XX Part Series

"By the power of Grayskull, this is The Chestnut Report!"

Welcome back to Part VI of a XX part series, Better Know a Chestnut Wing

Shout out

Nation, I was ecstatic this past Thursday. Like the setting of the sun, the cycle of the wing continues. It was week 5 and Wing Lunch was back. I had had a long phone call the night before from mentor, Wifred Brimmly who called me at 3am:

CWK - Hello?
WB - Hey hey Wing King, its Wilford, Wilford Brimmley
CWK - Oh, hi Wilford
WB - Hope I didn't wake you up with that 3 hour time change they got
CWK- No, no not at all
WB - So you were up?
CWK- Sure
WB - Why? you worried about the blog?
CWK - No, is there something you want?
WB - No, I was just making waffles. I'm angry with you man
CWK - Angry?
WB - I've been reading the blog - where's that cocoon I sent ya?
CWK - The cocoon?
WB - Ya I sent you one of the cocoons from the movie Cocoon,
I thought it would look good in a picture with some wings.

CWK - Well, its too big
WB - Well you can't you make more room, your the boss right?
CWK - Can we talk about this tomorrow?
WB - Why did I wake you up?
CWK - Ya actually you did
WB - So you're a liar
CWK- I was just being nice
WB- By lying to friends, that's nice. DAMNATION I burned my waffle,
shouldn't be having these things anyway, I got the diabetes.
Hey I gotta go I got a grease fire here!

I didn't talk with Wilford for long, but when I woke up, it was time for lunch and I was ready for wings. Of course, today was BBQ and Honey Garlic, BOO! (Honey Garlic is the greatest threat to the Wing Nation today) I of course got a double order of BBQ and a side of perogies. Having sat down with Chef Nathan the night before, I found out what makes these wings so crunchy and delicious. A mixture of 2/3's flour and corn. What's the other third? Well, I can't reveal all the secrets of the Chestnut Wings, the Fight'n Chestnut Wings! But he and I did discuss the danger that too much flour can cause to a clumpy and poorly dusted wing.

A return to the counter of Freedom Food, I got a second order of these crunchy, smokey wings with the traditional Chestnut side of Curly fries. These curly fries were plain. I was expecting an Arby's style spiced curly fry, and thus I was disappointed. It reminded me why I normally don't have sides on wing days, its just filler.

Well, that's all the time we have for the Report. Check in a few weeks from now when the Chestnut brings us some more delectable wings.

Remember, if its Honey Garlic, its not a real with. And that's truthiness for you.

Good night

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