Thursday, 30 November 2006

The Chestnut Report: Part VII of XX part series

"Tonight, this review is in...3D!
Unless you are reading on a computer.
This is the Chestnut Report!"

Welcome back to Part VII of a XX part series, Better Know a Chestnut Wing

Well Wing Nation, we are back once again to look at the 89 Chestnut Wings, the fight'n Chestnut! Famous for its hotel style residence and restaurant quality caf, 89 Chestnut's caf supplies hundreds of students with multiple entree options each night. But of course, on this night, its all about the wings, and I was dining with some fellow wing lovers: Diem, Gianna and David.

A Tip of the Hat went out to Diem who in all her glory was right up there with other wing hero's, battling a great wing. And Diem doesn't shirk away from the pain of a good hot sauce. Oh no, on any good day you can see this lean mean hot sauce eating machine flaming up her food with the good red hot sauce. On this particular night however, the sauce was winning the battle. She didn't give up, slashing through the pain to enjoy the flame.

A Wag of the Winger to Gianna who was criticized by wing hero Diem for not cleaning the meat off the bones of the wings. More of a sushi lover than hot sauce celebrator, the burn of the suicide was too much for her to douse her wings in spicy goodness. Its not all bad though, the bottom line being she was eating wings and that's enough to be granted citizenship in the Wing Nation.

Tip of the Hat to David who was more than ready to jump into the Wingibration that were the Chestnut wings. With his immense height and fearless attitude, Dave helped destroy an order of wings and send the armies of spice into fear. Don't ever feel bad about a second order Dave, ever.

Finally, a Wag of the Winger to Juliana, who once again did not have the wings and opted for the turkey burger (just like last year). This stubborn wing refusal is not doing well for keeping you of the Threat Down. I'm watching you.

The truthiness of the matter is that there are a lot of people out there on the interweb claiming to tell you about wings. Now anyone can eat a wing for you, but I Promise to FEEL the wing for you. And this particular night, I wasn't fully feeling the wings.

Don't get me wrong, I ate a lot of wings. A lot. Like so much that I would hold Congress in the States right now if every wing I ate was a Seat. A lot.

Chef Nathan had warned me the sauce he created was potentially not as hot as usual as he had not personally supervised its creation, this night. I still enjoyed this thick red flavour fire. It wasn't as hot as I can take, but the taste was strong and I did get the tingle in the mouth. It is what saved these chicken treasures.

But the general consensus about the wings was soggy. These baked expressions of all that is good, was lacking tonight. Mainly because the coating wasn't crispy and firm as it normally is. The meat of the wing was still good, the sauce was good, but the dusting and skin warranted a warning about Going on Notice. Keep this up Chestnut and you just might end up on the board.

It comes down to this: The 89 Chestnut Wings, the Fight'n Chestnut, has damn decent wings that even on their worst day are better than a lot of restaurants out there. And if you aren't eating these wings, your supporting the Veggiterrorists.

Stay strong be brave Wing Nation

Good Night

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