Friday, 13 October 2006

The Great Wing Tour 2006 Recap

So, its been weeks since the Great Wing Tour is over and conclusions were definitely concluded.

First: road trips rock. Sure the border guards were mean in the US, but the travel was great. Rick was a great driver and we got to see sights, family and explore our national cousins to the south. Sure they were like those relatives your not super keen to see, maybe once in a while, but its fun going to see them none the less. The wings may not have been top notch, but the trip was not a failure. Like the words of wisdom say, "Its about the journey, not the destination"

Second: you can get your hopes up too high. We went to 4 places to be well known for their wings, and they were all disappointing in some respect or another. We traveled deep into the heart of Buffalo Wing territory, and found nothing to rave about. Yes I got a lot of wings, a novelty dollar bill, and to see how differently the Buffalo wing could be done, but my hopes in finding a wing that would meet the expectations of a religious experience, just didn't happen.

Third: you can eat chicken wings for almost every meal for almost a week, and still crave wings a day or two later.

Finally, sometimes the grass is greener on the other side, but what you really want is right at home. We went through several states, and ended up feeling the best wings came from a take out joint in London Ontario. I can name a dozed places that I prefer wings from here in Toronto alone.
Now with all of this said, will this be the last Great Wing Tour? I highly doubt it. I know, I believe that the perfect wing is out. Remember,

From city to town, province to state, we will find it. If you have a chicken wing,
if no one else can eat it, and if you can find us, maybe you can hire
The Chicken Wing Team.

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