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The Great Wing Tour
Friday October 6th 2006
Day 1

Jeff Says:
"And so began the momentous day. I boarded the busy bus in Toronto and took the arduous journey to London Ontario. The anticipation to begin the Great Wing Tour was running wild all day. Both bus stations in London and Toronto were packed, but Rick whisked me off to his tree rampant cluttered sophisticated lair where we were quick to order our first batch of wings"

Ricky 'Peterman' Says:

" Jeff's arrival was eagerly anticipated like one would anticipate a bowel movement. He arrived amidst the rumble of busses and the bustle of a busy bus station. The station was littered with vagrants and smelled of urine and stale coffee. Jeff was dressed as usual, wearing pants that weren't quite shorts. The childish look of anticipation was upon his face, he was a child about to enter a candy store. I cannot deny that I was not also excited. Amidst my days of formulas and transfer functions in the dank engineering building the dream of the wings pulled me through the dreary week. Quickly returning to My apartment complex surrounded by Forrest we plunged head first into a vat of gluttony that will frame our weekend adventures."


SIZE of WINGS: large
HEAT: 6.5-7/10
PRICE: $7.95 for 1 pound, $15.75 for 2 pounds, $22.95 for 3 pounds
(there is more increments, specials, party platters etc. check website at the end)


SAUCE CHOICE:Mild/Medium/Hot/Honey Garlic/Smoky BBQ/Montreal Spiced BBQ
Louisiana BBQ/Pad Thai/Thai Sweet & Spicy/Jamaican Hot/
Spontaneous Combustion/ Cajun (dry)/Lemon Pepper (dry)/
Creole Mustard (dry)/Sweet & Sour/Teriyaki

SIDES: none (there are combos one can order with onion rings or veggies & dip etc)
WETNAP: none
DEEP FRIED, GRILLED, BAKED, BATTERED: battered, then deep fried
OTHER: lots and lots of options, combos, platters etc - and most importantly,
DELIVERY TO YOUR DOOR! (in London only)

Jeff Says:
"Wow. For a take-out wing these things were large! Even though they were battered, they were still mostly meat. The skin was a bit soggy and the skin not crispy, but I think it really worked for this style. The Montreal Spiced BBQ sauce had a spice flavour (not spice heat) with a hint of BBQ while Spontaneous Combustion had an original taste with some heat thrown in. For take-out wings, Ring-A-Wing is definitely tops in my book."

Ricky says:
"The wings were conveyed to us by a blonde haired woman wearing a red rain jacket, even thought there was no rain in the forecast. The moon shone brightly through the large sliding glass doors providing the wings with an ethereal halo glow. I could not resist their intoxicating, spicey aroma and quickly sank my teeth into these morsels. They were succulent and tender like the breasts of a maiden. They caused a river a saliva to form and run out from my mouth like a flowing mountain stream in the spring. The cool night air complimented the spicey aroma of the wings. Like their name sake, the meat on the Montreal wings was not reluctant to separate from the bone, but was still appreciated as it borought a necessary flavour and uniqueness to the palette of the wings being consumed this night. The Spontaneous Combustion lit a fire in my soul which had remained unlit during my days eating Nshima in Zambia. I dreamed of these wings and this quest for many a night and was not disappointed today. "

We ate our wings over Russel Peter's new DVD, OUTSOURCED and with spice and laughter, we learned 2 valuable lessons:

1) There is no comeback to someone calling you a 'blowjob'
2) Be a man!

So how did these two Wing Voyagers find their first wing feast overall?

Jeff: 4 out of 5 flappers for these take-out wonders
Rick: To evaluate these wings with a number scale would be a grave injustice.

The qualities of these wings are too numerous to be merely enumerated but
must be celebrated. 3.962493

941 Oxford Street East, London (and other locations)

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